Monday, July 14, 2014

Audrey's Frozen 4th birthday party

Audrey turned 4 years old!  Thirty-eight days ago, but who's counting?  She had a fabulous time with her friends at her Frozen birthday party.  To be specific, it was an Elsa party because other than the Olaf pinata, only Elsa was allowed to be anywhere near the party decorations!

Audrey had three requirements for her party: Elsa, a bounce house, and a pinata.  We had it at a local playground, so there was endless entertainment for the kids and minimal clean-up required on my end.  Winner, winner.  I find it hard to believe Audrey is already four years old.  She is a chatty Cathy, but it's so fun to hear her opine about things.  She keeps us laughing every day and takes great care of her big brother.  She is a great mix of girly and sporty.  Loves her princesses but isn't really into dressing up or glittery things.  She's just as happy in a dress or cleats.  Ballet shoes and baseball uniform.  She's a pretty happy and easy-going gal, unless she's set her mind on something, in which case she can be pretty stubborn.  Happy birthday, Queen-Elsa-Audrey (her self-appointed name)!  We love you to the moon and back.