Monday, June 2, 2014

Buck-A-Jeans & Make-A-Wish

Only phrases connected by dashes are allowed in this post's title evidently.

Whoopsies.  I know I said I wouldn't apologize any more for a lack in updates, but that was a pretty long break.  To my credit, May was a simply crazy month.  Mostly crazy good, and for that we are very, very thankful!  Still, it didn't leave much energy or brain power left for me by the end of the day to do blog posts.  Or edit pictures.  Or even pull pictures off the camera.  Or answer my email for that matter.  Hopefully, things will slow down soon with summer break coming.

To kick this blog back into gear, I'll start with our two biggest blessings in the last week.  Buck-A-Jeans day at Audrey's school to raise money for Keegan's COTA account and the return of Keegan's Make-A-Wish trip this fall!

Last Friday was Audrey's last day of 3K.  (Eek!)  While she wears a uniform to school most of the time, her school will occasionally host a Buck-A-Jeans day on Friday where the kids may wear jeans and a school spirit tshirt if they bring a dollar to donate to a chosen cause or fundraiser.  We were extremely honored to be contacted last week and asked if the school could host the last Buck-A-Jeans for Keegan and as a way to spread organ donation awareness.  Since it happened to be the same day as eighth grade graduation, I didn't make it into the upper school to see how many kids were in jeans, but Keegan and I visited the preschool to thank the kids.  Of course, they just think it is cool to wear jeans to school for a change, but it was much cooler to us to see how many kids were supporting our family in this way.  I haven't heard how much was collected or if it will be donated to COTA, Children's, or Donate Life in Keegan's honor.  We truly couldn't be more grateful to know the POP community has lifted Keegan, who isn't even a student there, up in this way, and we are looking forward to watching Audrey grow as she continues her education and spiritual formation there.

Audrey's 3K class and Keegan on Buck-A-Jeans day

The second big piece of news is the beginning of preparations to once more attempt Keegan's Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World!  We're looking to go in September in the week between his birthday and transplant anniversary.  We tried to make the trip back in April 2012 when we didn't have his immune disorder well controlled and were awaiting a decision on whether or not to proceed with a bone marrow transplant.  Ultimately, Keegan was not ready for such a big trip.  He had a macrophage activation flare the very first night we landed in Orlando and had to be medically air-lifted back home immediately.  Make-A-Wish is going to let him try again, and we will get the chance to stay at Give Kids the World again also.  

The only difference this time is that he will not be given the per diem allowance for incidentals/meals/souvenirs/whatnot.  By the time Keegan was discharged home in 2012 from that inpatient stay, the per diem check had been mixed with our personal checking account for a few weeks, and we weren't exactly in a financial position to go cutting a big check back to Make-A-Wish.  So this time, that all falls on us.  In order to help make Keegan's every wish come true at Disney, my friend's online boutique is hosting a fundraiser specifically to replace his lost per diem allowance.  She is selling the most awesome beach towels just in time for summer!  Everything from Frozen to Spiderman, and you can have them personalized too.  

So head on over to Kahuna Keegan's Beach Cabana!  We are so excited that Keegan will get a second chance at his wish trip, and thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for helping him have the trip of a lifetime.  I'm dreaming of the smiles from both of my kids already!

I promise an influx of posts recapping the last few months and with a medical update soon.  Keegan had a small surgery today, round 59 of general anesthesia.  I promise more about all that soon.  For today, we just want to express our heartfelt thanks for the blessings in our lives.  Thank you!