Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keegan's 6th Birthday Party

If there is one activity Keegan loves most, it is swimming.  Hands down.  Since he has had the port this summer, we have thoroughly enjoyed swimming at my parents' house every weekend. Even though we swore off home parties after Audrey's last one, we decided there was no better way to celebrate Keegan's 6th birthday than with a swim party.  A pirate theme fit perfectly, and as usual, Mamie pulled together a picture-perfect bash in every way.  As Aunt Alex observed, it was Disneyland quality, for sure!

I am so thrilled we chose to swim for his party.  I think Keegan would say the same, but since he has been experiencing some wound-healing issues with the port site lately, we realized this may have been our one shot to do this.  It was completely worth it!  Happy birthday again to "Pirate Cap'n Keegan!"

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Keegan!

Keegan turned 6 years old on Thursday.  
A miraculous day, to be sure.

I had every intention of writing a thoughtful reflection that evening.  However, Keegan ended the day, very true to form, with a trip to the ER.  I will explain more about that later, but the important thing is that he came home late that night.  We were lucky to be able to celebrate these tumultuous six years with a fun swim party this weekend.  It was everything Keegan would have asked for, if he were to understand and request a party theme and locale.  And given the circumstances surrounding our ER trip, we are extremely grateful that we had the foresight to plan a party based on his favorite activity, as he may not be able to do it much longer.

I have every intention of putting together a fun slideshow from the party before the end of the week.  We will see how well I live up to that in the coming days.  Coming up this week, we will be remembering Keegan's 6th transplantaversary on Thursday with a trip to the hospital for a transplant clinic appointment.  We would appreciate your prayers for a good report, and I'm certain I will have put my emotions into words by then.

For now, I leave you with this picture of my joyous, six year old Bug.  My what a six years they have been.  Good or bad, we wouldn't trade them or you for anything else in this world.  Blessed does not begin to describe what it means to be your parents, Keegan.  We love you more than you can possibly imagine.  Happy birthday, Bug!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PSA 3K Soccer

Keegan and Daddy aren't the only two having fun on the soccer field lately.  Audrey started playing last week on a team with some girls from her class at school.  And guess who is coaching?  That's right, yours truly.  The girls may be a little young, and they may not be quite playing "soccer".  But they are (mostly) having fun and forming great friendships with their classmates.  It's going to be so fun to watch them play each week.


Keegan helping to lead the stretches.

A little encouragement

"Bring it in!"

Go Audrey, go!

Most of the game was like herding cats...awfully cute cats, but still!

Taking a break with Great Granny

I would like to think Audrey was getting fired up.
I'm pretty sure she was yelling at me.

Good game!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miracle League Soccer

A few weeks ago, Keegan started playing indoor soccer on Saturday mornings with the Miracle League of Frisco.  All the kids on the team have medical or special needs, and it couldn't be more perfect for Keegan.  Each child is assigned a "Buddy" to stay with them on the field or assist them with mobility.  Parents volunteer as coaches, so Gray has been enjoying being one of Keegan's coaches.  

Keegan really clicked with his Buddy, and as he thrives on consistency, it has been most helpful that she has been there every week.  We began working on his ability to kick the ball and his endurance at physical therapy a month ago to prepare him for soccer.  It seems to have helped.  He has fleeting moments of pure joy in running around after the ball.  Then, he has to take a break to catch his breath before jumping back in, with most of his participation petering out after the first half.  Overall though, we are beyond proud of his progress, and it has done our hearts so much good to see him participate in sports in this way.  We are looking into also allowing him to play t-ball with the Miracle League in the spring!  

Here's quite a few pictures from the last few weeks.  I couldn't narrow them down!  I think you can see why from the smiles.  


Keegan and his Buddy

Aunt Alex getting Keegan ready for his first game

Sounders pep talk

Time to play

Frequent sight - Keegan taking a break on the sidelines.

Hi-fives for Coach Gray


On the run

Defense, Keegan!

Sounders cheering section!

Game face

Getting support from his Buddy

Soccer joy

Game time

"Show me your war face!"

Having fun


Water break

"I'm done!"