Sunday, October 17, 2010

Audrey at 4 months

Our little ladybug is already four months old!  She weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds (21%) and 23.5 inches (17%).  You sure wouldn't think she was a little thing with all those cute little rolls!  It sure is different to have a healthy, chunky monkey.  And those well-child visits go a lot faster too!  Ha!

At four months, Audrey has no time to sit still or lay around enjoying the lazy life of your typical baby.  She would prefer to be moving, standing, playing, sitting up, laughing, talking...anything but lying still.  She is already a master of the tummy time mat, exersaucer, jumperoo, and bumbo chair.  And she would prefer a view of whatever craziness Keegan happens to be up to at the time.  She is generally a happy little girl as long as someone is keeping her busy...and Keegan's pretty good at that!  Their best time together is still right before bedtime.  After Audrey's in her pjs for bed, she will lay on the floor next to Keegan as we hook up his lines, give meds, and take vital signs.  As he lays there, he'll hold her little hand and will tell us if he thinks she needs a paci or not (the paci is starting to grow on her, but for the most part, she's still not a big fan).  I think it's cute that he thinks she obviously needs one since it is bedtime and the only time he gets one too!

She still is not a fan of napping on the go, but we're learning to adjust to whatever she needs.  I think she is just afraid she'll miss out on some of the action (or whoever might be ohhing and ahhing over her!).  Audrey still takes at most five bottles a day, sometimes as much as 6 ounces but mostly about 5.  Once we switched her to a partially broken down formula, her reflux and eating got much better.  She was given the ok to start solids this week, so hopefully, I'll get to that next week (ahh, the life of the second child!).  

I have to say I had forgotten how quickly infants become babies become toddlers.  It seems like yesterday and yet forever at the same time since she was born.  As busy as we are, I'm trying my best to treasure every moment with my little girl.  When she smiles at you with her whole sweet little face, it makes it all worthwhile.  We love you, ladybug!

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