Monday, August 25, 2008

Back at Children's - Part II

Posting again from the 8th floor at CMC. We were released from the 23 hour observation period Saturday afternoon. Keegan did well Saturday until about midnight when his fever spiked again. He had a night of ups and downs, but by 7am Sunday, he was a bit more active and alert. Around 9:30am Sunday morning, his fever spiked up to 102 and never came below 100. Shortly after the fever increased, he became extremely lethargic and difficult to rouse. We could only keep him awake for about 30 minutes at a time. When his fever hit 103, the transplant doctor on call asked us to bring Keeg to the ER downtown. We were in the ER from about 4pm to 10pm, where his fever was again uncontrollable. They decided to admit him at that point.

The doctors are fairly confident this is being caused by a virus, but Keegan is on an intravenous antibiotic to provide a "safety net" for his heart. They have run a million blood tests because some of his numbers are not consistent with a virus, but he hasn't as of yet responded to the antibiotics. The transplant team is researching all the "known" viruses to see what they can find. He developed black patches on his tongue starting Thursday, and the infectious disease doctors are looking into that also. Keegan will remain in the hospital until he is clear of fever and generally back to his normal self.

This morning so far his temp has remained below 100, but he has still been lethargic. At the moment, he has been playing on his own for the first time for about 10 minutes. The ups and downs have certainly made Gray and I feel a bit crazy. We are hoping to remain fever free for the day right now, and then hopefully things will improve from there.

Please continue to keep our Bug in your prayers. As Dr. Fixler said this morning, the best thing that could happen now would be that he will get better, and we will never know what caused all this. Thanks as always for your thoughts and prayers.