Sunday, September 30, 2007


Good evening everyone!

Today was a good day overall. We didn't make as much progress as we would have hoped but we didn't take any steps back either. The hope from yesterday was that we would be able to extebate Keegan by mid to late morning today and he would be breathing on his own. In order to come that far we would first make sure this Keegan's stomach was empty and we would also need to make sure he was very awake. The awake part is a little more tricky then just awake. First they wean off the ventilator and allow Keegan to breathe on his own. If his respiratory rate falls for any reason then the machine would give him a few breaths and allow him to continue. For him to be able to continue to breathe at the correct rate Keegan would need to be taken off the pain and sedation medicine. He had recently gone on methadone and Valium. Apparently it takes a while to get methadone out of your system and that is what might have slowed us down today. Keegan was just absolutely wiped out today. He was so relaxed that the doctors were not seeing the sustained pulmonary function that they were looking for. The plan is to take him off the ventilator soon but they need him to wake up a little first.

In other news, when I made it to the hospital this morning, Maddie was holding Keegan again. That never gets old. Tonight Jerry has the watch... and by watch I mean they are probably watching Sunday night football together. Also, There is some other good news. Children's Medical Center preformed their 100th heart transplant on a 13 year old boy today. It was all very exciting for the family. The boy had been waiting for a heart since August. The family was from Odessa. The Mother and son were on the 8th floor the entire time waiting while the father stayed home with their two other children. Before we left to come home tonight it sounded like the surgery was over and everything went well. I heard a rumor that they were being spotlighted tonight on the CBS 11 news.

Everyone have a great day and we will be in touch with you all tomorrow.



Good Morning... I posted some pictures from last night... If you haven't seen them, they are of us holding Keegan. I have more details there.

I did speak to Maddie this morning and Keegan is doing really well. We are not sure if he will actually come off the ventilator today or not. They are letting him do most all the work right now while the tube is still there. The machine watches him so that if he doesn't keep up, it will give him the next breath. For the most part he is doing it but every once in a while it is helping him. In the meantime they may wait until tomorrow. I will keep you updated if that changes.

Thanks, Gray

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Starting off to a good weekend

Why is it that babies will do great things as soon as their moms turn away for a second? ;) Gray convinced me to sleep in a little bit this morning since I have the night shift tonight and will be there during the weekend days too. Of course, when I called to check in (the nurses must hate me when I'm not there because I call every 30 minutes!), Gray said that the doctors decided during morning rounds to try to wean Keegan completely off the ventilator by tomorrow evening! He's off the epi completely (that's the adrenaline type drug that keeps the heart "snappy"), and they're going to increase his feeds slowly over the day to 4 ccs/hour. The formula is given through the ng tube down his nose, which is the yellow tube you see in the pictures. He has switched to different pain killers and seems much more comfortable than a few days ago.SO, please pray today that Keegan tolerates coming off the ventilator well and can be extebated by tomorrow evening. That is a HUGE step, not only medically but also towards us being able to hold him for the first time. He will also have to tolerate the increased feeds so that he doesn't choke when he comes off the ventilator. Isn't the power of prayer amazing? Keegan can do this, and you are each helping him get there! We'll update again later this evening.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yeah for a Good Day!

Again, nothing major happened today, but it was overall a really good day for Keegan. The doctors weaned the meds and ventilator a little bit more. They increased his formula to 3 ccs or milliliters per hour, and they took his foley (urine catheter) out. So that means dirty and wet diapers for Mama and Daddy - yes, we're actually doing normal parent things on day 16! All his kidney functions are looking good still. The best news of all was that the echo they did of the clot in his heart showed it was definitely smaller. It also showed that the pressures in the right side of his heart are much more normal. These are all good steps in the right direction. Dr. Leonard and Dr. Guleserian (the surgeons) seemed extremely happy with his progress. Dr. Ramaciotti (the cardiologist) was so excited about Keegan's echo results today that he couldn't leave for the night without checking in with us again.

The swelling has come down a bit more, and if he continues to be "negative" over the weekend like he has been, he may look normal again by Monday. We have acquiesced to the demands of Keegan's adoring fans and posted a few pictures. While we appreciate everyone wanting to keep up with his progress, please understand that you probably wouldn't want pictures of a swollen you posted to the world on the internet either. We're trying to protect him and remember the good things. Keep praying for continued progress, and there will surely be more pictures to come!

Lastly, I wish I had time to respond to each of you to tell you how much we appreciate your prayers and support. You have kept us sane and bolstered our spirits so that we can be there for Keegan. He still has a very, very long road ahead of him, and we hope that you will each continue with us as we travel it. You each mean so much to us and to Keegan. Your prayers have brought Keegan this far, and we know that they will take him much farther. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts!


Good Morning. We had a good night together. After being out almost all day yesterday he came around and woke up at about 11 pm and didn't want to go back to sleep until 2:30. No big deal because he never cried... he just wanted to be awake.

The swelling is slowly coming down which is good but it is still very slow. Right now we are also focusing on weaning off the meds because that will bring us that much closer to coming off the ventalator.

Keep praying and I will see what I can do about posting pictures =)


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, slow and steady are the words for the day...and probably for the next week or so. That's a good thing though, and we'll take any good news we can get. Nothing really big happened - changed pain medications because Keegan was building a tolerance to the one he's been on for the last 2 weeks, reduced the epinephrine and dopamine a little, reduced the ventilator rate a little, and started giving 1 cc or milliliter of formula each hour (yes, that's a tiny amount just to "wake up" his tummy). His numbers overall are looking good. His kidneys have "smartened up" and started filtering a little better. He's still very swollen, but it's gradually improving. The doctors want him to be "negative" by about 100 ccs each day; that means that he is getting rid of 100 more ccs than he's being given to reduce the swelling. That's a very slow but safe rate. It's more frustrating for us as his parents to have to live through each day with him looking so puffy.

Gray has the night watch tonight with nurse Amber who had him the night after his first surgery. It's really amazing to see all the different nurses that have cared for Keegan ask to be back with him, like Holly who was on the day shift. The entire staff there is wonderful and so caring. We are blessed to have each of them.

Please keep praying for steady progress in the right direction. It's a pretty general prayer focus, but there are so many things that go hand-in-hand now. Today I was reflecting on the way God took care of Keegan before he was even born by preparing a support system at Children's for us. He insured a dear family friend of ours would be an RN in the CVICU. He put the father of a childhood friend of mine as one of Keegan's talented surgeons. He connected us with a pediatrician who happened to be best friends with one of the transplant team, and he introduced us to one of the head nurse practitioners through a judge I know. These are just a few of the many connections we didn't know we had or would ever need at CMC. We may never know or understand why Keegan must go through this, but we can always trust that God had it planned very well. Even in the face of tragedy, he has blessed us with miracles over and over again. We will continue to praise Him for his enduring love for he has lifted Keegan up as a light for everyone. This website is proof of that! Thanks again for your prayers. Keep it up!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Night

As Gray wrote earlier, Keegan has begun making very small but steady progress in the right direction. In fact, Dr. Leonard (the lead surgeon on Keegan's case and an amazing, Christian man) said this evening that he is confident Keegan has "turned" in the last 24 hours. He has started to urinate so much that they will probably reduce the diruetics tonight. There are two types of fluid - the swelling in his body that makes him look like a little Michelin man and fluid that keeps the veins working. It's a fine balance (isn't everything?) between making sure he doesn't get "dry" veins but also getting him back down to the adorable Keegan y'all have seen in the pre-transplant pictures. If he continues on this track overnight, he may look enough like himself again to post more pictures tomorrow.

The doctors did start him back on a small amount of gas called nitric oxide, which he had been weaned off of a few days ago. When they closed his chest, the lungs and heart had to compete for room in a much smaller space than they had before. This caused the pressures in the right side of his heart to be a little too high. The nitric oxide dialates the vessels in the lungs, requiring less blood from the right side of the heart. Thus, the pressure in the heart goes down. His overall numbers looked much better at the end of the day, and they started reducing the amount of epinephrin drip.

In the biggest news of all, his chest drain was removed today. The only wires coming out of his chest now are the pacing wires (to connect a pacemaker after surgery if needed and which he hasn't needed) and the PD catheder. Not much is draininig from the PD anymore, so that's good too. Less is more in our book!

Keegan's aunt Alex wanted everyone to know that Carter Blood Bank is holding a drive at Children's next Tuesday. It is a general drive, but you can specify your credits towards Keegan's account. Please remember that even if more blood is needed than Keegan uses (and he's used a lot!), it will not go to waste. Blood is needed every day, and they can go into a shortage very quickly. To sign up for the drive at Children's, you can go to Carter's website. See the link to Keegan's Blood Donation Plan blog entry for more details. And you might even get to visit us while you're there.

Thanks to the "A Team" that was on shift today - Andrea, Jim, Liz, and Dr. Raju. Brian is Keegan's nurse tonight, and he is awesome! Mamie (Maddie's mom) has the night watch tonight. Please keep praying for small progress each day. It's working!


Things seem to be going well today. Keegan had a pretty good night. They have been watching his blood pressure closely and are still giving him fluids to help that. The good side of that is they have steadily been cutting those fluids back. They seem to think his blood pressure has been staying fairly steady and have been keeping him on the blood pressure medicine. If his pressure continues to hold then they will begin to wean him off that. His kidney labs came back this morning and his number were moving in the right direction but only a fractional amount. The doctors keep saying that they are happy with small changes or staying the same. He is still moving in the right direction in that department. They are have given him higher doses of diuretic which is helping him pee more. Because of that the swelling has started to come down. His eyes neck and stomach are still a little swollen but he seems to be getting better. He had a chest echo this morning and even though we don’t have the official results yet his transplant surgeon Dr. Kristine Guleserian was there to review it live. She seemed very happy and said that the clot does not appear to have gotten any larger. After the echo was over the right atrium sensing lines were removed. Those were the lines that the blood clot had started around in the right atrium. After lunch they will also remove the chest drain which has been in since the transplant. The attending ICU doctor, Dr. Raju Meyappan, seemed that over all Keegan has progressed since yesterday. He thinks that as long as we keep trending the way we are then things will be alright. You can tell with all the doctors and nurses, that the mood is better when they are around Keegan. We really do appreciate all the love and support they have shown Keegan. I will send out another update as soon as I can… now back to getting some work done.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today was a busy day but all in all I think it was a good one. Keegan was able to get the venus line in his femoral blood vessel. This is good because it will set thing up to take the two sensing lines, the ones that were causing the clot, out of his heart. They ended up taking the umbilical line out but nothing else. They are going to wait to pull those other lines out because some of his other blood labs weren't just right. They have been constantly thinning his blood to keep the clot from growing. Not they want to get it a little thick to keep him from bleeding when they remove those lines.

Right now his kidney function is improving. He is no longer on the diuretic that was making him pee so much. His lab number on his kidneys do point to the fact that he is filtering better though. We also learned that after the chest is closed, the lungs typically face a the toughest time recovering. Keegan's are actually doing better then they expected and on several occasion they have been able to dial down the amount of oxygen he has been on.

The part of Keegan that the doctors and nurses are watching closer then anything is his little heart and the clot in his right atrium. After closing up the chest the heart has to contend with a smaller place to operate. This can create problems with blood pressure and heart rate. They have been keeping him full of fluid, platelets and blood. Because of that it has been keeping him pretty swollen. Apparently swollen doesn't always mean you have enough fluid. The fluid they need him to have is the kind that is actually pumping through him, not just gathering in his abdomen or head. Right now they are "playing the fluid game" to help balance his heart rate and his blood pressure. As for the clot they have elected not to take any evasive action to remove it. They have instead elected to watch it daily with a chest echo and to follow it with thinning agents and asprin. This will allow the body to attack it with out it growing and will thus dissolve over time.

In the meantime my father, Mark, has the watch tonight (thanks Dad). Maddie is going home after a very long two days and we are getting dinner courtesy of her friends at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. They are bringing it over to her grandparents house where we are staying. Say a prayer as always and know that Maddie and I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for being such great friends



I just got to spend most of the morning with Keegan. He seems to be doing alright. His blood pressure is a little low and he is a little swollen from the extra fluid they gave him... other than that he seems to be doing alright. They did their chest echo this morning. We are waiting on the results of that. Another surgeon is with him right now trying to put that arterial line in his femoral artery.

I guess we will have a better plan after the echo is reviewed, and we will see what they want to do. Updates to come...



Good Morning All,

I just made it back to the hospital. Maddie says he had a quiet night for the most part. They did give him a blood transfusion last night after trying to get the line in his femoral artery (Thank you everyone who has given blood... didn't think we would need it for something like this but). They needed to get his fluid balance back up after all the "peeing" the kid had been doing. His kidneys have slowed that pace down a little. That is normal after have a procedure done. The good news is his kidney labs are still showing a steady trend for improvement. If that keeps up I think everyone will be able to breath easier. In the meantime we are waiting for a chest echo or maybe a sono-gram... Either way we are waiting for them to take another look and then decide what the plan of the day should be. I will be back here with an update when I have one.

Thanks, Gray

Monday, September 24, 2007

Evening Update

Sorry for the delay in update. We had a lot go on over the past few hours. The surgeons were able to implant the arterial line in his right wrist. They worked on that first. They had originally tried to put it in his left wrist but couldn’t find a vein large enough. That delayed things a little. The important part was they got it in.

They then moved on to work on closing up his sternum. That for the most part went well. They inspected the outer appearance of the heart and from everything they could tell it looked good. They were able to place the sternum back together and suture him back up. Normally they would have cleaned him up and the procedure would have been through. The head transplant surgeon decided to perform a chest echo just to take another look at the heart function and to make sure that things were progressing as they should. When they preformed the echo they found something. There was a clot in the right atrium of the heart close to where the superior vena cava artery enters the heart.

They came out at around 5:50 and want permission to perform a bronchial sonogram of the heart. The cardiologist uses a special sonogram probe to enter his esophagus and travel down his bronchial tube to get a very up close and clear view of the heart. The cardiologist discovered that the clot that they found was sitting right where some older arterial sensing lines enter the heart. There arterial sensing lines help take certain pressure of that particular atrium. The sensing line was installed with the transplant and was more than likely going to stay there until he was transferred out of the ICU to the recovery floor. It is not uncommon for blood to clot around a foreign object in the body. Typically blood doesn’t clot that fast (but who are we to call any of this typical).

The surgeons have really studied the area and have determined that the clot is not infected and that the clot is not posing an immediate danger to Keegan yet. The surgeon says they could take Keegan at a moments notice and remove the clot surgically. They have decided not to do that yet. There is still concern that another open heart surgery could effect or set back the gains that his kidneys have made. They are treating Keegan with a drug called Heparin. Heparin is the same anti-coagulation drug they used when he was on ECMO. This will keep the clot from growing in size. In the mean time they are going to put a new arterial sensing line through the femoral artery in his groin. They are performing that procedure as I type this now. That is all they will do for him this evening besides watching him as on call as they always do. In the morning they will remove the two arterial lines that are in his right atrium (the ones in question). They will also finally remove the umbilical arterial line too (the arterial line they were trying to replace by putting the new one is his wrist).

When the surgeon broke all this down to us she was clearly concerned. She wasn’t so worry that they felt like they didn’t have control of the situation. The clot is not life threatening enough that they feel like they should risk the ground gained by the kidneys over the past week.

New Update: (Maddie just called with another as I was writing this up… didn’t feel like changing stuff.)

The surgeons just came out from attempting to place the femoral artery sensing line. They attempted to place the sensing line in both legs and didn’t seem to have any luck. Rather than to force the issue they are opting to sit back and let Keegan rest for tonight and they are going to address the issue in the morning. They thing that the veins might have either turned a "funny" enough angle that made it tough to sheath it up the artery. Anther reason is the artery it self could have a small clot too (they feel that this is unlikely because there is no real swelling in his legs). Either way they figured the little guy has had a long enough day and they will let him rest up before they plan for something tomorrow.

Good news though… (About time right?) Keegan’s pre-chest closure numbers are starting to come back to normal now that his chest is closed. Keegan’s chest has now been made into a smaller space once they had closed it up. This meant that his heart was working in a tighter area, his lungs had less room to breath, and he had the stress of an operation. His heart rate has started to come back down to a normal level, his blood pressure has started to come back to where it is supposed to be, and his blood oxygen saturation levels are coming back up. All of this is good new and a pleasant surprise.

Well… thank you for your patience and support. Keegan really has been living off the prayers and well wishes. I will keep everyone updated on tomorrow’s events. In the meantime Maddie has the watch so Keegan is in good hands… you can all get some rest.

Thanks, Gray


Just got a call from the surgeons. They are still working on closing his sternum, but everything is going ok so far. It shouldn't be too much longer. They told us before they started this that we should expect him to have some rough days while his chest "settles". He also will be taken off pain and sedation again, so he will not be the happiest of campers. We will try to get some more pictures tonight when they put Humpty back together again!


I just made it back to the hospital. Maddie was told just a few minutes ago that they just finished putting the arterial line in his right wrist. It sounds like they made an attempt to put it in his left wrist but they just could manage to find a spot. I'm just glad they were able to get it put in some where. His tiny little veins made it impossible to install it in a traditional manner.

Now that they are done with the arterial line they will work on closing his chest. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now.

Thanks... Gray


I wanted to start by saying sorry for the updates being a little delayed. Maddie and I have gone to a scheduled watch in Keegan’s room. We can’t get to the internet from there and we are spending less and less time in the waiting room. Just because there aren’t as many posts on the site doesn’t mean that there is necessarily something wrong. Thank you everyone for your support and concern. I promise I will keep this going long after Keegan makes it out of the hospital.

Now onto the update…

Keegan and I had a good evening last night. We got him all cleaned up and then we settled in to watch the Cowboy game. He was having a little problem with his stomach last night. They think that a combination of air in his GI track and the pain medicine he has been on has made him a little nauseated. He was starting to spit up a lot so they decided to put another NG tube through the other nostril. The first tube actually went past his stomach and is being used to give him medicine. The new tube is being hooked up to a vacuum line and is used to suck out his stomach. Ever since they put that in he has been doing great. He went right to sleep and hasn’t spit up since.

We got our morning labs in this morning and his over all reading looked good. His kidneys are starting to show more improvement too. In even better news they have just given us word that they will be closing his sternum up. This is a major mile stone. Once I know more about that I will post more.

Thanks again for all your support.Gray

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Evening Update

I'm sorry we haven't been able to update since last night. As Gray said earlier, it's much more difficult to post now because we are in his room all the time. When he was on ECMO, there wasn't much room for us, so we were able to be on the computer more. Keep with us though! Keegan's not out of the woods yet, and we will be able to access more once we're on the recovery floor.

Today was a pretty stable day. He is off sedation and most of the pain meds again. That means that he's more alert, but he's also more aware of every ache and pain...which means more crying and general fussiness. My heart has never broken more than to see my son in pain and not be able to pick him up to comfort him. Gray and I are still anxiously waiting the first time we get to hold him. It seems his ventilator tube bothers him the most, and I guess rightly so. I doubt I would like a tube down my throat either. Luckily, he's off the nitric oxide completely, so the ventilator is next to go once his chest is closed.

The surgeons are hopeful that they will be able to close his chest either tomorrow late or on Tuesday. We are really looking forward to that. However, more of his swelling needs to go down. His hands, feet, and eyes look better, but his chest wall, stomach, and neck are still pretty swollen. This is partly due to the fact that his kidneys are flushing but not filtering - what the doctors call "dumb pee." The chemicals they look at to judge filtering were down very slightly today, so we're waiting to see what they do tomorrow. They are still watching his blood pressures and altering the meds to keep them where they want them. It seems kind of difficult to reach a happy median. Tomorrow they will do a small surgical procedure to get a new arterial line since they couldn't get one other than his umbilical.

Please keep praying for his kidneys to work well so that the surgeons can close his chest early this week. Not only does that mean improvement, but it also means MORE PICTURES! =)

Lastly, please pray for the family of another CVICU patient, a 14 year old girl from El Paso named Melissa. She had a stroke in her sleep last Tuesday and was brought to Children's on Wednesday while Keegan was getting his new heart. The family found out yesterday that Melissa is brain dead, and today they took her off life support. Please find time to keep Melissa and her family in your prayers.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


They tried to put in the arterial line this afternoon but they still couldn't get it in. His little veins are just too small. Anyway, they opted instead to pull his umbilical line about half way out so it isn't as far into his heart. Eventually they will need to get that new arterial line in because the umbilical line has been there since he was born.

They also opted to wait on the peritoneal dialysis until maybe tomorrow. His afternoon labs didn't really improve but they didn't really get worse either. The encouraging thing is our little man has been peeing like a raise hoarse. That is the encouraging thing.

He has been up and active lately. Maddie and Jerry are planning to stay with him tonight. I believe Martha and Alex will be here during the day tomorrow. I will have the watch tomorrow night. Thank you for the support and prayers. We will update you if anything else happens.

Thanks, Gray


Maddie and I have enjoyed sharing the day with Keegan. He has had a pretty quiet day up until now. At the present time they are going to make another attempt to move his arterial sensing line. The arterial line can be used for applying intravenous medication and it can also be used for sensing arterial pressure from the heart. Presently it is in his navel and they are worried that leaving it there may interfere with the peritoneal dialysis if they choose to do it. They will attempt to put the new arterial line in his arm or maybe even his leg. They had attempted to do it yesterday but were having trouble finding a line big enough to go through. They told us that if they were not success for in putting the new line in then they would take his umbilical line and draw it a little further out of the heart. Anyway, it all should take very long.

Other than that we are just enjoying our time with Keegan. I will give an update later. Maybe after his labs come in and we hear how his kidney function is holding up.

Have a good Saturday and we will talk to you again soon.



Good morning everyone,Keegan had a good night.

He spent it with his Oma reading lots of books. They said that he continues to have good urine output. They did say that his kidneys do need to do a better job of filtering. They are going to watch the levels this afternoon and depending on how his evening labs look they may start kidney dialysis through his peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter. His transplant surgeon is still remaining very hopeful about his kidneys. If they do opt for the dialysis it would just be there to give him a good flush and to hopefully allow his kidneys to keep improving. The PD catheter dialysis is a little different than the typical dialysis that people normally hear about. This catheter is a direct line into the peritoneal. The peritoneal sack is a sealed off lining that holds the organs. They would fill that lining with a fluid that would help draw out the impurities. After it has had sometime to sit in there they drain the chemical out with all the impurities going with it. It typically isn’t the continuous dialysis that runs a person’s blood through an inline filter. With babies, they can not typically do the other type of dialysis because of their size and because their typical volume is too small.

They are also very pleased with his oxygen levels in his blood. They are going to start taking the nitric oxide from his ventilator. The nitric oxide is there to help stimulate the oxygen/blood interface in his lungs. His blood oxygen levels are holding in the high 90 % range after the first wean. They will continue to wean a little every few hours. He is still on about 60% Oxygen. When they are ready that will probably be one of the next things to come down.

They are also starting to wean him off some of his drugs. Two of the heart medications he is on are called dopamine and epinephrine. The dopamine is there to keep his blood pressure on the higher than normal side. They will begin to wean him off that first. The epinephrine is a lot like a adrenaline booster for his heart. It will make his heart a little snappier than normal.

Other than that his is even more lucid than he was yesterday. His is with his mom right now in the room. Much to Maddie’s dismay I set them up to watch College Game Day on ESPN and then put the remote out of reach. The way I look at it… it is never too early to introduce a boy to football. =)

Everyone have a great day and we will keep the reports coming. (All in all it should be a quiet weekend with nothing really new happening until Monday). Get some rest and we will keep posting.

Take care,Gray

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Night

Today ended up being a very good day. Keegan started coming out of his sedation and was opening his eyes. We were able to hold his hand and feel him squeeze back. We had some success on the kidney front too. He was able to go three times more in one hour than he went sometimes in an entire day. They said that they were happy with the quantity but would like to see his kidneys filter more. They are feeling that the kidneys will function well; it will just take time. His head scan from yesterday went well. The early look thought that they might have seen some new bleeding but a second opinion ruled that out quickly. He had a chest echo this afternoon, and even though we haven’t had the official result back yet, they seem to be very pleased with the various different pressures around his heart.

All in all, we will say today was a good day and keep hoping for more. There are still a lot more improvements that we need to see. The next big milestone will more than likely come on Monday when they might close his sternum and suture his chest. Not sure on an exact date for that, but it is good news when they can go ahead and get him closed up.

Tonight his Oma (Linda) has the watch and has already had fun reading to him. They tried to watch the OU vs Tulsa football game but apparently he doesn’t have much taste for OU Football or maybe he just doesn’t like a blow out.

I have gotten word that there has been a lot of response to the need for blood. Maddie and I would like to thank everyone has taken the time to donate. We have been told that we will never know when he may need more. Thank you all so much!

Also, I have been asked to post more current pictures. Maddie and I have decided to hold off on that for now. He can’t have a blanket over him right now and until they close his chest, we rather not share those photos. Believe me… there will be plenty of cute pictures to come.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I wanted to apologize for not posting as often as well. Now that we can spend more time in his room, we are not around the computer as much. We can use our computer in his room, but we can not get online while in the ICU. It was nice to hear that so many people were trying to keep up. I will make sure we continue to keep people updated.Everyone have a good night…

Maddie and I will be at the hospital in the morning, and Maddie will have the night shift tomorrow night.

Take care, Gray

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Good News... They just took the clamps off his new heart and it started beating. They said it started right up. He is still on the bypass machine and it will probably take him about another two hours to finish up and take him off the machine. That is our next hurdle but right now everyone is very happy.Keep those prayer coming... Thank you so much!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Heart is in the OR now and Keegan is now on the bypass machine. They are starting the surgery now.We will keep giving updates as we get them.

Thanks, Gray


The nurse came in to inform us that the heart is on its way to Dallas. The heart will more than likely be here in about an hour. We are told that Keegan is prepped up and ready. Dr Nikido is watching over him.



Word came from the Dr that is harvesting the heart...

The heart is Good. Wee-www...

It will probably be another hour and a half before the heart arrives. They will fly it to Love field and bring it to the hospital by helicopter. We found out that the plane gets landing and take off priority at any airport.

Pretty Cool.Good news...

keep those prayers coming.


Preparing for Surgery

Keegan is on his way to the OR now. They will get him already so that they can start as soon as the heart arrives. The word that we got is that the heart is in good condition, it is a blood type match, and the size is just what they wanted. We are waiting for news from the Children's Dr. that will harvest the organ likes what she sees. As we get the updates we will post them.Please keep praying.

This is not over yet.

Thank you everyone.



We are done with the procedure. Everything went as planned. They said they are cleaning him up and that we will be able to go back and see him soon. After that we are sending Maddie home to get some rest.

I have the watch tonight... if there is anything worth posting I will. Thanks for the prayers.



The first Dr just finished the first part of the procedure of pulling the drains and making sure everything was sealed. They said everything looks good and the procedure went well. They are now putting in the PD Cathedar.

Thanks, Gray

We have a MIRACLE!!!


WE HAVE A HEART! They found a heart for transplant! They have known all morning but acceptance was pending the cath lab study of his lungs and pulmonary system. Everything looked good and they accepted. The surgery will be between 8pm and 10pm tonight and will last 4 to 5 hours. This is such wonderful news. Thank you for all your prayers. They have worked and we have found one. Now wee need to pray about the surgery and that he is able to heal.

Love you all… Gray


Sorry it has been so long between updates. I got home and in bed around 6am and just made it back to the hospital around 3pm. Maddie has been with him that entire time and will be going back shortly to some much deserved rest. I think she got just a touch of sleep but it is hard to tell if it did any good.

Right now the doctors are with Keegan performing a very minor procedure at his bedside. They are removing his stomach drain and trying to patch around that area to keep it from draining into the rest of his chest cavity. They are also taking the arterial line from his umbilical stump, and I believe they are going to relocate it to his leg. With less overall lines in him, he has better chances of fighting off infection.

He looks like he is doing alright. His potassium levels are higher than they would like to see and but that can be expected since he has barely been out of surgery. They are using four different drugs to control that and bring his body swelling down. They will also put in a PD catheter for future dialysis in case they need it.

Anyway, it is good to see him and to see that little heart beat.


Afternoon Update

Hey Everyone.I wanted to let you know that Maddie and I were able to follow the caravan of equipment from the 2nd Floor to the 3rd Floor Catheterization Lab. His procedure will begin in the next few minutes and will take one to two hours. They will enter vessel through his neck that will lead to the right side of the heart. The catheter will have a camera that will take various pictures of some of the pulmonary function in that area. They will also inject a dye and watch how it travels to the lungs. We were able to make the trip with him up the elevator. They had him knocked out for the ride because I am sure it would have been a little stressful. It took nine people to move Keegan and all his equipment. It really was an amazing trip.Keep Keegan in your prayers as always and Maddie and I will fill you in as soon as we have had a chance to sit with the doctors and discuss it.Thanks, Gray

A Good Day

Be thankful!! Keegan is having a good day so far, as good as a 9-day old with a new heart can have. I was going to give you details, but I had to come out to the waiting room to get on the computer. Of course, as soon as I got up and running, they called to say he's trying to open his eyes!! More later....Thanks to everyone. KEEP PRAYING!!

Morning Update

Good morning everyone! Keegan had a good night. It was pretty quiet. His Grandpa Jerry stayed with him last night and it sounded like a good time. Jerry brought the original version of "3:10 to Yuma." Apparently that was Keegan's introduction to the old time western. Maddie just went back to see him and he seemed to be in good spirits. They just started performing an EKG and a chest ECHO on him. It sounds like he may make a temporary visit to the third floor "Cath" Lab. They will perform a catheterization to see how his pulmonary function is holding up. According to his surgeon this is a pretty normal screen before a transplant. No new news on the transplant front. We have our beeper from the transplant staff and we are still praying and waiting. (You can believe as soon as I know something on that front that it will be posted right away.) Keep praying and I will be back too update you soon.Gray


Many of you have also asked for direction regarding what specifically we should pray for, and so each day, I will try to update and narrow our prayer focus:1) For a new, healthy heart for Keegan within the next 2 weeks2) For the positive results of his cath lab today, meaning that his lungs can support a new heart.Lastly, the doctors informed us yesterday that we were misinformed before as to whether his heart could recover from the hematoma and resume normal function. It is not an impossibility, but the likelihood is extremely slim. Even if the bleeding stopped and reduced, he would have to continue to be on ECMO while it recovered and that would probably take too much time on support. However, while we are praying for miracles anyway, it won't hurt to pray for one more! Thanks again to everyone.Maddie

Donate Blood for Keegan

Blood donation plan for Keegan!!!!We’ve fielded many of questions from friends, family and co-workers who want to know when they can donate blood for Keegan. We’ve discussed this with the heart transplant team at Children’s Medical Center and have finalized how we would like to proceed. Keegan has O+ blood. Because of the uncertainty of when the transplant will take place, we’ve decided to use the blood from the supply at Carter Blood Care (that is also the hospital’s preference). Because of that, anyone of any blood type can donate in Keegan’s name. Any blood donation will count as a credit to his account and will defer the blood and or blood products that he has already used.Carter Blood Care covers the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and may have collection centers in other areas. There website is and it has information about locations and hours. If you do donate, you will need to advise them of the following information:

•Credit for Keegan Harrison
•at Children’s Medical Center – CV ICU (Dallas).
•His birth date is 9/12/07. They will need all of that info to make sure it is credited to the correct account.
Please let us know if you have donated. Obviously, any blood over and above what Keegan has already used or will use will still go to help many critically ill patients in the area – so please give. If you have any questions you can also email me at gharrison@huffmansystems.comWe continue to be amazed at the concern and generosity of those who have reached out to us. Thank you on behalf of Keegan and our families.

NOTE: Blood donations in Keegan's name are still needed. Please consider making a donation in Keegan's name at your local Carter Blood Care center.

If you don't live in the D/FW area, please just make a donation at your local blood bank and think of Keegan while you are making it! He won't get credit for the donation, but you'll help someone else and feel better doing it!!!!

thanks - Keegan's family


Hey everyone. I just got back from Keegan's room and he is doing great. His little heart is just pounding away. It is really crazy to see. He has an open sternum still and I really think you can actually see his little heart through the plastic film. They said they will probably leave his sternum open until Friday to allow all the swelling to go down. The closing of the sternum is actually a bed side procedure.

His room has now been turned into a sterile environment. Maddie and I are really the only direct visitors that he can have. I am going to check and see when we can have more. In the mean time I do know that his room will pretty much have to stay that way through the duration of his stay in ICU.

Susan the nurse coordinator did go over some other stuff but it pretty much went right past me. Maybe Maddie caught it... can you tell I am out of it. I probably won't get Maddie to leave for a while so I am probably going to use the chance to go back and clean up. I know we can all use the sleep.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support. Keep checking for regular updates.

...And keep praying. It works!

Thank you, Gray

We got to see him!

They brought him out... he looked great. I got pictures and will post them. They had a 180 bpm heart rate... Just awesome.And... he looked so much better coming out of this surgery then the last one.



I think we can now consider it successful. The transplant Dr just came out and said that his new heart is a snappy heart and that they are not even having to use the pace wires. They were really impressed with how well it went. They should wheel him out shortly. We will be able to see him briefly and then we will need to get him set in the ICU room.This will make Keegan the youngest and smallest heart transplant at this hospital... I don't know what the national records are but who knows.Anyway, we just need to stave off infection and make sure that his kidneys and brain function stay on the up and up.Thank you all for your support. I really do want to thank all of you who stayed up late with us. It really has been amazing. Maddie and I really do feel blessed by this gift that we have been given. We also want to keep the family of the donor in our thoughts and prayers. That truly is the ultimate sacrifice and gift. More updates to come... but if you think you can actually get some rest... you should. Otherwise I hope to have some pictures for you!



More Good News...

Keegan is now off the Bypass Machine!!! He still has another hour or two before he will be out of surgery and they can bring him by.

We were also told by the nurse coordinator that the mother of the donor would more than likely want to know about Keegan and would more than likely make contact. She couldn't give us more information then that.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Evening Update

Hello everyone.I just wanted to give a quick update. Not anything really new between now and the last update. Keegan is napping with his mother by his side. My father-in-law Jerry will have watch tonight which will mean that Maddie and I can go back and get some rest.Everything is holding steady on Keegan. He made a little bit of urine this afternoon which is good. We didn't see anything significant on the head scan either. His color is good and he is still responsive even though they have him on some pain medication. It is still a little bit of a concern about him getting over stimulated.We will be back in the morning. Thank you for the support. - Gray


Good news... Keegan is at the top of the transplant list. Yeah... =)I was able to spend some good time with Keegan this morning. Labs from last night all came in good. The Kidney function showed the same even though he hasn't had much urine output. All and all they are reporting no real change in his condition which is good because he has been very responsive and doesn't seem to show any real pain.At lunch time the did put a "NG" tube through his nose that goes to his stomach. They will be able to suction the air that has collected in his stomach (typical with a breathing tube). After making sure that all the air is out of his stomach then they will also start feeding through the that tube to start trying to train his stomach. I'll make sure I post that they have started feeding him that way. When they went to put the tube in they did put extra pain medication in him to make him sleep through it.To come later: I will also have some blood bank news for everyone who is asking to donate blood for Keegan. Thanks!


Morning Update

Keegan had a pretty stable night. He and I (Mama) spent a lot of time together. He slept a lot, and I prayed a lot. Good for both of us. We are still trying to let him get some sleep and much needed rest. He has been kinda upset for a few hours despite being back on a fentanyl drip, so the doctors will give him a "boost" of a different pain medication. Most importantly, he has not had any urine output since yesterday. It sounds silly, but we really need him to keep urinating. This tells us that his kidneys are still capable of functioning once he receives a pumping heart. If his kidneys fail, then we cannot accept a donor heart. Kidney transplants are not an option on newborns, and he could not survive the three years it would need before he would be big enough for new kidneys. Gray and I will be working on some of the "business" aspects of transplantation today, including contacting COTA, a fundraising organization for transplant families. Once we get more information on that, we will let you know.Our prayer requests for now are: (1) a new, healthy heart for Keegan within the next 2 weeks and (2) continuing kidney and neurological functioning.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm sorry it's taken us so long to update. I know that many of you were waiting to hear about the wean. The short answer is that it didn't happen, and we now are actively awaiting a heart transplant. As we said before, an echo is performed to watch the heart's function as the ECMO is reduced. When they looked at his heart first, there was a large clot on the ventrical septum (the muscle separating the 2 bottom chambers of the heart) that had expanded and pushed the ventricles into tiny slivers. This is something that none of the surgeons at CMC have ever seen. Even if the clot were to reduce, the remaining ventricles could not function. The only option now is to find a healthy, compatible new heart for Keegan. He is at the top of the regional transplant list and has first priority over a donor heart. This is due to his size, the fact that he's on ECMO, and that we listed him as ABO compatible. Babies through around 9 months do not recognize blood type, so Keegan can accept a heart of any type. The "comfort zone" for being on ECMO is around 2-3 weeks if he retains good functioning of other organs. As long as he remains neurologically and renally stable, we could theoretically push past that time frame. Right now, PLEASE PLEASE pray for a heart within the next 2 weeks. We don't know what the Lord has in store for Keegan, but we have offered him up for the Lord to heal and comfort. Psalm 138 is the "Hymn of a Greatful Heart." In it we pray, "Lord, your love endures forever. Never forsake the work of Your hands!"

Evening Update

Today turned out to be a longer than expected day. Before they began to start “testing” Keegan’s heart repair by weaning him off the ECMO machine they decided to do an EKG first. It sounded like it was pretty standard procedure before reducing the capacity of the machine and seeing if Keegan’s heart and lung could handle working harder. When they did the EKG they found something new. During his surgery he had a patch placed over the hole between the two ventricles. The area that is patched is called the ventricular septal wall. During the procedure they noticed a little bit of bleeding coming from that wall. The bleeding could be expected since they had to sew a patch into it. It turns out over the past few days the bleeding of that wall muscle has turned into a hematoma of the muscle. This has caused that muscular wall to swell and fill the empty space of both ventricles. It sounds like once the empty space of the ventricles is filled the swelling will stop. The doctors have informed us that there is really nothing they can do for this and that between the group of surgeons and cardiologists they have never seen anything like this before. Not to worry… Keegan is not in pain and as a matter of fact his demeanor and alert status really hasn’t changed. What does this mean for the long run… It means that we can no longer plan on trying to wean him off the ECMO machine. Keegan can no longer get better on his own and must get a heart transplant in order to have a chance. The ECMO will now serve as a means of supporting Keegan until a suitable heart is found and it can be successfully implanted. Over the past four days we have been discussing the odds of needing a transplant. It was first presented to us on a contingency basis. If Keegan had not have been able to be successfully weaned off the ECMO then the repair would not have been a success. None of us ever really expected that we wouldn’t even get the chance to go that far on testing his heart repair. Knowing that the possible need for this could arise we began to prepare all the paper work to get Keegan on the transplant list. We had planned to file for the list today regardless of today’s test. Keegan is now on the transplant list and as I understand it he is ranked very high because of his condition. Maddie and I are now starting to explore all of the “sub-avenues” of the transplant world to see what kind of aid we might be able to get for someone in Keegan’s condition. Once we start exploring options we will keep everyone appraised on how they might be able to help Keegan out. In the meantime I want to leave you with one comforting note on the transplant. There is new research out there that may significantly widen the donor pool for Keegan. At the Children’s Hospital in Toronto they have been experimenting with great success a new kind of transplant in infants called an ABO transplant. They have found that blood type in babies does not always have to match in order for the child to except and support the organ. In adults it must but they have found that children can be more excepting of different blood types. This could make a potential donor with a different blood type a candidate for Keegan. The science is fairly new but we feel it gives us a better chance to see results faster and find a heart that could be the right match for Keegan. Maddie and I understand what finding a donor will mean for some other family but we feel that under Keegan’s present condition would still mean that he could still have a very good quality of life. The longer we wait for a heart the more complications that could arise from being on the ECMO support machine. Please pray that we find a new heart donor for Keegan. Thanks you for all your support.

Gray Harrison

Afternoon Update

They are beginning the ECMO wean in a few minutes. As Gray wrote earlier this morning, they will reduce the amount of work the ECMO is doing (by about half) and see how his heart responds. We are optimistic about the results, but it is still early. We are not expecting a miracle today. Of course, we will let you know the results.Since he woke up, we have been spending a lot of time with him. Unfortunately, he has become overstimulated and hyperactive, which is not good for his recovery or the ECMO. Considering his circumstances, it's hard to remember sometimes that he is not even a week old yet and should be sleeping almost 18 hours. He can still have visitors, but we will need to keep them short. We want to keep the doctors letting him have visitors, so please just be aware that visitation may just be with us depending on the time. We need visitors too though!Keegan was placed on the heart transplant list today. This is just a precaution for now. It took the last 5 days for us to complete the candidacy checklist and become "listed". Obviously if we waited until he absolutely needed a heart to begin the checklist, precious time would be lost. The doctors could leave him on ECMO for up to 2-3 weeks before we would actively await a new heart. The ECMO weans will tell us alot as to how great the need is. If a heart becomes available within the next few weeks, we will weigh the options at that point.Don is on ECMO, and Marilee is on CVVH today. They have a hard day's work today with the wean, so keep them in your prayers also. Thanks for everything.


Hey Everyone...I had the night shift and all went well. We had a good night and Keegan was very responsive. We watched football highlights together in the room and I gave him some play by play. I think we may have a Cowboy fan.He was able to get some good sleep light night. He slept off and on between mid-night and 5AM. They gave him a sponge bath and checked all his fittings. He stayed awake until My Grandmother (Anna) came into relieve me. He managed to nap some more after that. From what we can tell he is very alert and active. They have put him back on a steady drip of sedation because he was waiving his arms a little too much. The nurse's called it "trying to help."Mom went to the Doctor this morning and they were pleased with her condition. They stressed that she still needed to take it easy and focus on her health. She made it to the Hospital about 30 minutes ago. She is in his room now spending time with him. He is wide eyed and responsive. From what I can tell they are going too prep him for his "testing." They will start to decrease the capacity of the ECMO to see how his lungs and heart will do. We have high hopes that it will go well but we are taking this all one step at a time. Although there is no data to point him in this direction yet, the doctors have placed him on the heart transplant list. Their concern is to get him on the list early in case there is a need for a new heart. He can be taken off the list at anytime, but as you know the hearts are given in a "first come - first serve" manner. Thanks for all the prayers. We will keep updating.


Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry about not posting a morning Blog... Maddie and I both went back last night to grab some sleep. It really did work out well too. We got a good dinner in us, grabbed about 8hrs of sleep and had a nice breakfast. We both made it to the Hospital at about 11AM.As for Keegan... so far so good. He is still on 100% ECMO capacity in preparation for being weened off it slightly tomorrow. The focus today is to get as much rest as possible. They said his kidney function is starting to look on the up and up. The ultra-sound of his brain showed no new bleeding (that is very good). They also lifted him up earlier to check for any skin irritation and didn't see any. He is completely off pain medication and says that from everything they can tell he is very comfortable. They can give it to him if he needs it but so far he is sleeping comfortably as he should be (like a 4 day old should).Today will also be Great Grandparent's Day. My father's parents, Lee and Judy, came from Winters TX and were able to meet Keegan. In a few hours my mom's mother, Anna, will arrive from Salado TX and be able to meet Keegan for the first time.

Look for more pictures to come...


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Afternoon Update

Keegan has been doing well. We have been making trips back to see him and we really do see a lot of activity out of him. His eyes are closed most of the time but then you will hold his hand and he will flutter his eyes. It is pretty cool to see.We met with the surgeon just to talk and go over things. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We mostly spent time going over what had happened and what they were looking for. Right now he is on 100% capacity for the ECMO. They are really going to try to let him rest and recoup until maybe Monday where they will see how his lungs and heart will react under more load. They are hoping that once his own heart has to pump more then it will provide the pressure to make his kidneys start working harder. We really are in a wait and see mode where they are collecting data to know if he is improving or staying the same. For now it is just a waiting game. I can say that today has been a much better day for us then the past few days. Everyone seems to have more of a smile on their face today and a better over all spirit. Thank you all for the well wishes and show of support. We will continue to keep everyone updated.


Mid-Day Update

Hey Everyone...Keegan is doing alright. I just got back from seeing him. He went in for a CT Scan this morning and we haven't received the full results yet but they did say that the bleeding was more than likely less than it was yesterday. Good news. They have him off the sedation and he is starting to respond to touch. I was able to see his eyes open just a little. (Sorry.. no camera) Very cute. He is moving his arms around and feet. He will move just a little... then nap. They said they will sedate him a little more later. They don't really want him to exert himself right now.In the meantime we are going to meet again with one of the surgeons later. Just to go over the data that we have now and see how everything stands. Pictures to follow soon... And I promise I will start writing about the ECMO...


Morning Update

Keegan had a pretty stable night. His heart rate went up from the day shift, so they put him on a cooling pad and reduced the temp of the blood coming in from the ECMO. This reduced his body temp and his heart rate enough that they did not increase his sedation. They also detected an arrythmia in his heart rate. This is not uncommon in Tet repairs or in ECMO patients, but it is something they want to watch so that Keegan's heart isn't working too hard. His heart is sending out "charges" on it's own; it's just not picking up the "it's time to work" response. That's good and bad - good that his heart is making an attempt, but bad because it messes with the ECMO. Remember the point of being on bypass is to allow his heart and lungs to rest and recover. He will be having another CT scan this morning to monitor bleeding as a result of the ECMO. We'll update with the neurological team's report when we get it.We have been watching his lungs to see if they will recover. There still is an air leak from his lungs. It could be injury or stress from surgery or some other source. We'll get an update on that today too.Saved the best for last ... he opened his eyes for me last night!! He looked at me and squeezed my hand briefly. His little legs were pumping away. Great for me, not the ECMO's best friend - it likes him sedated and quiet. I'll try to get him to look at Daddy today.Thanks to the night shift - Tammye, Kevin, and Jeremy. They're awesome and will be back with us tomorrow night. Big Daddy and I (Maddie) were here last night. Haven't determined who will stay with Gray tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your prayers - they are the number one need right now.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Not too much new news...They are still watching Keegan's vitals and adjusting the support equipment. The ECMO operator Don has been working non stop. That heart lung machine is really large and pretty complex. His day nurse Nancy has been great. She helped us yesterday with Keegan's care and she was assigned to him today. I'll try to get a picture of Nancy up on the site.Keegan seems to be holding in there. His skin is warm to the touch and he seems to be responding to touch. Maddie seems to think she has felt him squeeze her hand and so have a few of the nurses. Gotta love to hear that.Well, I'm going to go back and see him and get a few more pictures. Take care.


Morning Report

Hey everyone! Maddie and I returned to the Hospital abut 8:30am after being sent home on surgeons' orders. We were able to go right in and see Keegan. He was looking much better. He had better color than he did last night. The night shift must have gotten a little bored last night... they ended up decorating his room. Anyway, we spent about 45 minutes with him and then they took him for a CT scan. He just finished that and they are getting him set up in the room. I will snap some more pictures and post them when I get the chance. Thank you everyone for the out pour of support. It has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!More updates to come!


Surgery Summary

Keegan was in surgery for almost 10 hours yesterday. The blog updates seem to be back and forth because we were updating as we got tiny snippets of info from the operating room. After they finished the repair of the ventrical septal defect and pulmonary valve, they took him off the bypass machine and ran echos and tests to see how he was doing. Those tests led them to put him back on the bypass machine to fix the tricuspid valve that was nicked by a suture during the first repair. Still, Keegan's oxygen saturation levels coming from the lungs were not satisfactory, and the doctors still do not know why. All four cardiothoracic surgeons were present during Keegan's surgery and decided to place him on an ECMO machine to see what will happen next. His heart has good contractility and for the most part is working well. There is some leakage between some of the patches, but that is considered normal for now.The ECMO is a heart and lung bypass machine that is breathing, pumping blood, and oxygenating blood for Keegan. It is good because he is stable but is also very intense. He will be watched over the next few days extremely closely. It could be that Keegan's lungs are just too young and small to be functioning at full capacity. He had a good night overall, and we will update you more after we speak with the doctors this morning.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out of Surgery

He is out of Surgery and on his way to his room. In another hour we will be able to see him and spend time.


Surgery Update 6

We talked with both pediatric cardiologist and they said they are almost done with Keegan. They will put him on the Ectmo and really watch him over the next few days. Please keep him in your prayers. I will try and get a picture when they bring him out.


Surgery Update 5

A quick phone update... They called and said they were going to put him on the "Ecmo" machine. That's all for now.All the phone updates are usually short and to the point.


Surgery Update 4

We talked with the doctor again. He said that a suture did clip that valve. They were able to free that valve up. That was good news.Once they got his heart started again they were checking his oxygen saturation levels in various areas around the heart. The one place that the saturation of the blood should be the highest would be the flow from the lungs. It wasn’t as high as it needed to be. They feel like his lungs are working a little under capacity right now. They are deciding if they want to use a machine called the "Ecto" to help his heart and lungs do the work. They are also try to investigate why this might be the case. They would share the work load and as his heart and lungs got stronger they could wean him off the Ecto machine. No news if they will use this yet or not.In other news they did patch the hole in his heart. They did see a slight leak in his heart. Nothing to be alarmed about. The leak is common and as long as it stay small it will more than likely close over time. The pulmonary valve was not able to be saved. They were hoping to get a 5mm probe through it and were unable to. They could barely get a 3mm probe through it. They ended up removing the valve and spreading the artery with a patch. They knew this would probably be the case so it really isn’t a surprise.The Dr. said it will more than likely be another hour and a half before they brought him out of surgery. We will update when we get something new.



Surgery Update 3

The pediatric cardiologist just came in and thinks that the effected valve was kinked by a suture. That appears to be a good thing because it is something that they can fix. The doctor said that the mood in the OR is light and jovial. They are warming him up and starting his heart as we speak…… in the meantime everyone in the waiting room is now putting in their pizza orders.

Surgery Update 2

The two pediatric cardiologists came out with an update. It appears that after taking Keegan off the heart and lung machine to study that the heart they found an irregularity. There is one other valve in the heart that looks restricted. They aren’t too sure why yet and it didn’t seem restricted in all of their pre-surgery testing. It is sometime common for the valves to catch a stitch (from maybe patching the ventricle holes) and kink the size of the orifice. They have had ten different doctors come in to try and troubleshoot the problem.In the meantime they are going to put Keegan on the heart and lunch machine and go in and see what they can find. They are thinking that they may have an update in a half hour. We will see.All in all they said this was not bad news but it wasn’t good news either. Keep him in your prayers.


Surgery Almost Over

We received a call about 10 minutes ago from the OR that surgery was almost complete. His stats are not where they would like them, but they said he is doing ok. We'll update when we hear more.