Monday, December 7, 2015

Cycling & Tri Kits

It's LIVE!  Ks for Keegan cycling jerseys and tri kits are available now!

10% of proceeds will benefit Keegan's trust with COTA.

Check it out!  We appreciate your support.


Beth said...

I'll start with an old line: You don't know me, Maddie...but I saw you and Keegan today outside Scottish Rite close to 11 am. I was walking in with my son and you appeared to be walking back to the parking lot. We've never met. I only recognize you from pictures. My own son is the opposite of all that proper etiquette may require for the health concerns (lack of personal space knowledge, touching, etc) you have for Keegan so I walked on and prayed for your day. I don't know if today was a particularly great day or not. I don't even really know how your family is doing. But it really doesn't matter. I pray over the good days and the bad days. I can never pretend to understand the circumstances of your life, but I know atypical, I know special, I know what flowing through a "normal" day is for me to only be reminded (sometimes in little ways and sometimes in big ways) that our family doesn't live your average normal. So, I pray that your time now (away from keeping strangers up to date online...ha!) is rich, full of memories, smiles, and much love. By the way, I followed your blog originally because my mother-in-law is a long time friend of your mother's. Apparently you and my husband were, for a very short time, pushed along on walks in your strollers as infants. Much time has passed, of course. Just know many people think of you and hope for you. Best, Beth G.

Anonymous said...

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