Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Snow" Day

After some epic ice storms in North Texas this year and way more than usual days of sub-freezing temperatures during this past winter, we finally got some snow.  And when I say some snow, I mean that quite literally.  While the rest of the country has been blanketed in snow, this was the extent of what we have received thus far.  Audrey woke up early, saw the little amount of snow, and came running in my room exclaiming, "it's not ice; I won't slip!"  I couldn't deny her a little bit of time playing in what we could.  I have plenty of other things to post about that I will hopefully get up in the next few days, but here are our "snow" pictures for today.

Two years ago after a few snow-heavy winters, my mom bought snow suits for the kids,
as she felt they would get to play more with proper clothes.
I warned her that with our luck, purchasing snow suits would keep snow away from
our area for at least a decade.
Seems I was right.

I guess we can at least say the entire outfit was worn once!
Unfortunately, they both outgrew the boots, but rain boots work well enough.

Audrey's first snow angel.

"It's a [sideways] snow Keegan!"

Drawing in the snow

Snowball fight!

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