Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas craziness

We were blessed to spend Christmas at home this year, and we definitely tried to make the most of it.  The Lord laid heavy on our hearts to take advantage of every moment and make some memories together as a family.  I had no intention of sharing all these pictures, but there are some of such joy that I couldn't limit them!  We spent Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day at home together, and the day after with Gray's family.  In between, we saw a lot of Christmas light shows, went ice skating in downtown Frisco, and saw Disney Live! with Aunt Alex.  It's been crazy busy.  Good crazy, and I like it.

Christmas Eve

Foosball time

Bitty Baby love 

My favorite moment of the night.
Audrey jumping up and down, yelling "thank you", and jumping into my arms!

Silly happy hat dance
I can't get enough of this toothless smile!!

If I only had a heart!

Spreading out her reindeer food rather apprehensively

Keegan participated with the reindeer food this year,
a happy turn of events.

Setting cookies out for Santa.
She was so excited to see that he had eaten some of them in the morning!

Tracking the Big Guy

The loot!

A good big brother, holding Bitty's hand as they got up on Christmas morning.

Say cheese!

The Scare Floor from Monsters Inc was the one thing he asked 
by name for Santa to bring.

 I can't believe I'm including this picture of us, 
but the kids are so true to form in this one.

Audrey beat Daddy in the first two games of Candyland.

Trying out our new roller skates.

New Infinity characters from Oma and Pops.
They have not stopped playing with them!

A very merry Christmas to you!
May your new year be filled with all the Lord's blessings!

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