Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas this year and doing our absolute best to make some great family memories.  Keegan is home, and for that, we are extremely grateful.  By the end of this week, he will have been outpatient (except for the brief line replacement in October) for six months.  That tends to be the maximum amount of time Keegan is willing to spend without a hospitalization, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this time, things are different.  The last several months haven't been without challenges.  We have had some setbacks and had to support Keegan with IV supplementation more and more.  Overall though, he is doing pretty well, a true holiday blessing.  In the meantime, we know these moments of "stability" can be fleeting, so we are striving to make the most of our family time together.  Making lasting memories for all of us is of utmost importance these days.  So here's a little taste of what we've been up to lately.

Audrey's first Nutcracker

Audrey and Mamie decorating the gingerbread house.
I think more candy was consumed than used for decoration.

The finished masterpiece!
This was our third year of Breakfast with Santa.
Audrey was just a teensy bit excited.

Keegan...not so much.

As usual, Keegan had no interest in Santa.
BD at least kept him from escaping!

Audrey didn't have to be told twice.  
She was more than ready to talk to the Big Guy.

Luckily, Keegan was content to briefly stand next to him for a successful picture!

Keegan's Miracle League Buddy has a pretty impressive 
Christmas train and village collection that we were excited to see.
Keegan could have watched that train for hours.

A carriage ride through the lights in Allen.
Audrey, our horse lover, was so excited.  
She thought it was "just like Cinderella."

Despite this picture, Keegan wasn't too keen on the carriage ride.
That's alright; the rest of us were.

Keegan wanted to go back to the "singing Christmas tree" instead.

Yesterday was Audrey's Christmas pageant at school.
She and her classmates were "stars in the night sky."
I've been trying to upload one of the videos from the pageant unsuccessfully.
The sang a few songs, acted out the Nativity, 
and were generally just too cute for words.

Keegan wasn't thrilled with the pageantry.  
Do you sense a theme here?
Also notice the remainder of the stitches on his forehead.
His first "normal" ER visit in his 6 years.


Anonymous said...

Boy, that looked like the "real" Santa to me!!!!

Holly said...

I found your blog years ago while I was searching blogs for parental inspiration while on bedrest. Ya'll have a soft spot in my heart and I wish you the very best holiday season. Bless Keegan's sweet heart and the rest of you while you enjoy this time together with him home.
God bless!