Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving pageant

In order to avoid a more detailed post, I'll just share some extremely cute pictures from Audrey's Thanksgiving pageant at school last week.  I'm not sure a prayer and three songs constitutes a "pageant" per se, but it was too much fun to watch!

Loved the praying hands as they walked in.

"I found you, Mama!"

Pink pilgrim hat, noodle necklace, handprint poncho?
Historically accurate, of course.

We sing!

We dance!

And we're just adorable. 

This isn't from the pageant, obviously, but I had to share.
The turkey has definitely arrived.

One more picture while I'm sharing some of my baby girl.

Audrey and I visited BD in the hospital after his hip replacement last week.  His surgery went well, but he had a few complications.  Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon, but we would greatly appreciate a few prayers for his recovery.

Other than that, we are hanging in there and praying that things stay quiet for the week of Thanksgiving.  We had to increase Keegan's IV meds one more time, but we are hopeful for finding his "happy place" soon.  Thanks for sticking with us.  I will try to update more soon.

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Anonymous said...

Precious little girl. Hang in there Keegan. Hang in there BD. Prayers for both of you