Thursday, November 7, 2013

A happy Halloween indeed

Halloween in the Harrison house has been redeemed.

Halloween has been rough for Keegan for the last two years.  In 2011, we had literally just come home from Boston, and he felt horrible.  We could not convince him to even leave the house to attempt trick-or-treating.  Last year, we drug him to about two houses; he did not go to but one door, and Audrey finished off the rest of the neighborhood by herself.  

This year, we finally saw some progress!  Peter Pan made it all the way around our little neighborhood without a meltdown and without having to be carried.  He went to most doors but was more interested in his flashlight and play dagger than getting candy.  As he left each house, he would ask Gray, "where are we going?"  "To the next house, buddy."  And rather than this turning into the usual who's-on-first debate, he would proceed to the next house with minimal fussing!  Miracle of the night #1.

Audrey decided on our family costume theme this year.  She wanted to be Tinkerbell, decided that Keegan would be Pan, and deemed Gray a good Captain Hook.  I offered to go as Wendy but was told rather bluntly that I would be Smee.  You know, Hook's fat, old, pirate sidekick.  Yep.  Gee thanks, honey.  Gray and I didn't quite go through with her wishes, but we grabbed some leftover pirate attire from Keegan's birthday party and made a pretty good crew, if I do say so myself.

Aunt Alex had foot surgery a few weeks ago and is still having trouble getting around.
Hence the penguin costume for our waddler.

I can't say how happy I am that the annual pre-trick-or-treating party we started when the kids were toddlers has continued through the years.  This year, our neighbor, Lisa, hosted, and as you can see, fun was had by all.  Again, we took a calculated risk to allow Keegan to play without his mask.  It's been a week since Halloween, and he seems to be ok so far.  I think the risk of infection was worth seeing smiles like this one.

At the end of the evening, Audrey was ready to dive into her bag of goodies.  Keegan has no sweet tooth (wish I could say the same), but he managed a few licks of a Tootsie Roll Pop to officially redeem the holiday.  Halloween miracle #2!

I have a lot more photos to post in order to catch up on this blog from our trip to Albuquerque to the end of Audrey's first soccer season.  I'm catching up as much as I can on other things at home too, and the blog has drifted to the bottom of my to-do list.  It certainly doesn't help that Keegan can't seem to go a week without throwing us curveballs.  Last week, he was having some wound-healing problems from his surgical sites.  There was some concern that his line had been pulled out of the vein somewhat, and we had to make an emergency trip to radiology at dinner time.  This morning, his line would flush but not draw.  We rushed over to the hospital to put some clot-busting TPA in the line and waited for three hours to see if it would work.  We planned for the trip to the main campus for a dye study, but thankfully, the TPA worked.  Although he missed a day of TPN, the line is functioning, and we are home.  We'll take it.  Other than that, his labs are slowly looking better since increasing his TPN and IV magnesium doses.  We are proceeding with the plan to wean his steroids, despite the progression of his intestinal failure.  His growth and neurological health are more important in the grand scheme of things.

As always, we can't say thank you enough for caring for our family and lifting Keegan up in prayer.  We wouldn't be able to enjoy nights like we did on Halloween without His blessings and the support we get from our family and friends.  More soon!

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