Monday, September 9, 2013

Miracle League Soccer

A few weeks ago, Keegan started playing indoor soccer on Saturday mornings with the Miracle League of Frisco.  All the kids on the team have medical or special needs, and it couldn't be more perfect for Keegan.  Each child is assigned a "Buddy" to stay with them on the field or assist them with mobility.  Parents volunteer as coaches, so Gray has been enjoying being one of Keegan's coaches.  

Keegan really clicked with his Buddy, and as he thrives on consistency, it has been most helpful that she has been there every week.  We began working on his ability to kick the ball and his endurance at physical therapy a month ago to prepare him for soccer.  It seems to have helped.  He has fleeting moments of pure joy in running around after the ball.  Then, he has to take a break to catch his breath before jumping back in, with most of his participation petering out after the first half.  Overall though, we are beyond proud of his progress, and it has done our hearts so much good to see him participate in sports in this way.  We are looking into also allowing him to play t-ball with the Miracle League in the spring!  

Here's quite a few pictures from the last few weeks.  I couldn't narrow them down!  I think you can see why from the smiles.  


Keegan and his Buddy

Aunt Alex getting Keegan ready for his first game

Sounders pep talk

Time to play

Frequent sight - Keegan taking a break on the sidelines.

Hi-fives for Coach Gray


On the run

Defense, Keegan!

Sounders cheering section!

Game face

Getting support from his Buddy

Soccer joy

Game time

"Show me your war face!"

Having fun


Water break

"I'm done!"


Anonymous said...

"Game Face" and "Show me your war face"...Absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the pure joy on his face.


Ben and Abby said...

I LOVE seeing him so happy!!!!!!

Tari Anne Roth said...

Keegan looks amazing! I've been following him for a few years now, and I find it just incredible that he's in Kindergarten AND playing soccer with other kids! I'll bet he slept REALLY good that night! :)