Monday, August 5, 2013

Beautiful baby ballerina

My life came somewhat full circle today.  My baby girl started ballet.  Audrey is attending a week-long workshop at Texas Ballet Theater.  My parents spent hundreds of hours over fifteen years sitting outside a ballet studio, and now, it's my turn.  I can't fully describe how my heart swelled watching her step foot into that studio and start dancing.  I hope this is the beginning of a passion for dance for her, but if not, I will understand.  Even watching her for one week will give me a lifetime of memories.  We love you, our sweet ballerina.  


Aunt Alex said...

Well, ill watch with less duress than I did those many years ago, but I'll still need an intermission snack!

Martha said...

Love my little ballerina, and my grown up one, too!

Anonymous said...

My little one wanted to ice skate at age 5. So, we did what any parent would do. We got her in a class and went with it. She did absolutely wonderful. Then about age 9, she just lost interest. We encouraged for a little while then saw in her face the interest was gone. So, that idea "bit the dust". But, the good thing about it was that when she went to ice skating parties, she could do her thing and have a wonderful time. She is now grown a still loves to ice skate once in awhile. I saw the OLYMPICS in her future. NOT!!! Your little sweetie looks like a doll in her black outfit.