Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Audrey's First Day of Preschool

Audrey has attended "school" at a Mother's Day Out program at a local church for the last two years, but today, she officially became a preschooler.  She has talked all summer about going to her new "big girl" school at our church.  Even though she had a tough time waking up early enough this morning, she was good to go as soon as we got to school.

Walking in with Daddy

Daddy and his preschooler

Baby Stella even got her own uniform to wear.

 Getting silly.  It's about time to go in!

Mama and her Ladybug

Hanging up her bag and putting her ladybug lunchbox in her cubby

Walking to the classroom with her teacher, Mrs. Kenny,
and her cubby-mate, Madeline.

First circle of the school year
Love those pigtails!

The look says it all...time for business.

As we expected, she had a great time at school.  Audrey is such a social butterfly that she was in her element with her class.  As I picked her up, I asked her how her day was.  She said, and I quote, "it was glorious!"  I have no idea at all where she picked that up, but if it was true, you couldn't wish for a better report!  

I had a hard day today with Audrey's first day of "big girl" school and Meet the Teacher night at Keegan's elementary.  I know many moms have an emotional day when their baby starts preschool, but this was slightly different for me.  Sending my baby off to the school she will likely be at for the next eleven or so years should be bittersweet, and it certainly is.  But Audrey is ready and thrives in the school setting.  I couldn't want anything more for her.  I am having a hard time getting over my disappointment over not being able to do this with Keegan.  Today was Audrey's day, though, and I will keep the focus on her.  

Audrey, we are so proud of you and how well you did today on your first day of preschool.  We can't wait to watch you grow, learn, and shine.  We love you, Ladybug.  Good luck this year!  You are our POP STAR!  

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