Monday, July 15, 2013

Audrey's Princess Birthday Party

These pictures are slightly overdue with our subsequent inpatient stay, but they are worth it!  We celebrated Audrey's third birthday at the beginning of June in true princess style, per her request.  She specifically wanted a "Princess and Cinderella party with a bounce house and pink and purple cupcakes."  Done!  She is still talking about it to this day.  Hopefully she'll come up with some new obsessions in the next year, or I'm afraid we'll be having princess themed parties for years to come.  She is our princess though, so I know we will be happy to oblige...especially if every birthday party is as fun as this one was.

*Remember that the video must be viewed from the website, not email.  Thanks!


Aunt Alex said...

Great pictures! Lots of smiles and rosy cheeks!

Cody said...

Love this - thanks for sharing! My favorite photo was of Miss A opening the white tutu and accessories - too cute!

Lisa Miller said...

So sweet! Love the look on her face when opening her tutu!