Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Port placement tomorrow

Not-so-great parts of Tuesday:
  • Keegan is still not acting like he feels his best.  This could be part "hospital hysteria", but I've seen him stuck here when he really is ok.  This is not it.  Not quite sure why yet.
  • The antifungal medications have some of his labs a little wonky.  We are tweaking and watching for now.
  • He was stuck first thing this morning for labs and the very last blood culture before his new line placement.  Then when we started his IV mag, he started itching at his peripheral IV, and it turned pretty red.  We had to pull it.  Then we had no access to give him IV ativan before trying for a new line.  The oral ativan we gave through his g-button was of no assistance at all in calming him down, and it took three tries to get a line.  It only has to last until tomorrow morning, so fingers and toes crossed, please!

Better parts of Tuesday:
  • Only one more day until he gets his new port.  He is on the schedule as the first on-call, so only a trauma will bump him.  As long as he does well, we should be rolling out of here on Thursday.
  • Music therapy!  One of Keegan's absolute favorite things to do inpatient...until they have to leave and take the instruments away.  Ahh, the sting of transitions.

  • The blown IV meant Keegan had no lines...and no reason not to take a real bath for the first time in over a year.  He was a little fish again, floating on his back, blowing bubbles.  He did NOT want to come out.  It's safe to say, we will be swimming every single Sunday (aka dressing/needle change day for his port) this summer!!

So all in all, the day pretty much evened out.  We would appreciate your prayers for surgery tomorrow. Surely this is just another drop in the bucket, but it is another round of anesthesia and a slightly more difficult recovery than a broviac placement.  It's never easy to watch him go back to that OR.  Thank you for every prayer.  More after he's out tomorrow.

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