Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today marked Keegan's 55th round of general anesthesia.  That's an average of 11 surgeries/procedures per year of life.  Only slightly ridiculous at this point.

It was a very long day, but the port has been fixed.  It is working fine for now.  Unless Keegan throws a curveball overnight, we should be headed home tomorrow afternoon.  We have a lot to coordinate to get there.  All of Keegan's usual 3 IV medications will be shifted to the day, and we are adding 2 new ones into the mix.  His meds through his g-button also increased from 3 times per day to 5 times per day.

I will update more about all that tomorrow or over the weekend.  For now, it's time to sleep while Keegan is sleeping!  Thank you so very much for covering our Bug in prayer today, and we would love for you to keep them up as we transition to home.

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