Friday, May 24, 2013

TSRHC Farm & Ranch Day

I'm really liking having a string of positive posts here.  What a pleasant change!

Last Saturday, we attended one of our favorite hospital-related events, Scottish Rite's annual Farm and Ranch Day.  It's always a fun morning, and this year did not disappoint!

Big tractor, little bugs


She could totally drive this thing through downtown, no?

This was the first year the kids were old enough to try their hands at the catfish.
A neat organization called KidFish sets up this pool with catfish to teach the kids 
how to catch and release.

Got one!

Keegan even got a trophy for his catch!
It's a whopper!

"Hey, where's mine?"

Audrey was extremely disappointed that she was not allowed to actually ride the horse.
Sitting for a picture was not what she had in mind!
Someone will be getting riding lessons in a few short years. 

This is one of two horses that a local rescue organization brought out that have prosthetic legs.
This horse had been horribly abused, and his front leg was broken at a horrid angle.
Instead of amputating, they fashioned a prosthetic boot that allows him to walk.
The other miniature horse, named Midnite, actually has a true prosthetic leg.
Amazing animals and compassionate people.

Petting the bunny

This is a horrible picture, but it makes me laugh.
We told Audrey to say "yee-haw", and she automatically threw her hand up.

Same picture on this slide three years in a row between Farm Day and transplant picnics.

We once again took a chance on face painting.
It was a no-go again for Keegan.

Not surprisingly, Audrey chose a crown with sparkles.

"See?  It's my princess crown!"

I cannot explain how happy it makes me to continue to have fun adventures with these two to post.  It doesn't mean that the day-to-day has gotten any easier or that there aren't important medical issues to be addressed.  But for a very long time, there were no happy posts to interject between the realities.  Right now, we are home.  Keegan is stable.  We are moving forward and trying to find the joy in each day.  I may have to dig deep to find it some days, but it is there.  Every day that they are both in my arms is one of joy, no matter what else may come.  


Mamie said...

Such a fun day! Keegan and Gray with their fish/trophy is the best along with the funny family photo! Loved seeing all of these pictures!

tbugg815 said...

God bless you, Maddie and God bless the angels on this earth who put these events together and make them happen. Im so glad this was a good day!