Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time for Eggs is Easter-time!

The first major holiday of 2013 was spent at home!
We kept Easter weekend low-key, family-focused, and home-bound, 
and it couldn't have gone better.

Saturday was spent at Oma and Pop's house with egg hunt #1.
As has been his want the last few years, Keegan prefers to gather eggs sans basket.

"I see it! A yellow one!"

"Come here, puppies! I have bubbles for you."
Poor Jack and Oso endured Audrey's "attention" like champs.

Finding more eggs with Pops

Daddy and Keegan opening their treasures.

No church again for us this Easter Sunday.
Somehow I believe God understands the need to keep Keegan out of the crowds.
Hopefully, he will be in a better place by next year and able to return to church.
Surveying the loot from the Easter Bunny

Opening presents from Aunt Alex
To be specific, Audrey is opening Keegan's present.  
She is a bit of a present hog.

These Monsters Inc. characters are his new obsession.

Looking closer

After the Bunny's baskets, we went to Mamie and BD's house for egg hunt #2!
Posing with Aunt Alex

One day they will both smile for the camera, right?

Making funny faces with Mamie and BD

Lovin' on Poppy and Chum

Chillin' with Poppy while Audrey napped

"This one is poi-pul!"

In addition to not using his basket, Keegan prefers to open as he goes.


Confetti hair

Full baskets, cheesy faces

We hope you each had a blessed Easter!

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Michelle said...

Happy Easter! Beautiful family picture and I also love the one of A & K posing for the camera!