Saturday, April 20, 2013

A very special Stars Game

Last fall, Aunt Alex gave Keegan a very special gift: tickets to his first Stars game and a chance to ride on the Zamboni in between periods.  When the strike was over, she made it all come together.  I wasn't able to attend due to my lovely sprained ankle keeping me in an orthopedic boot and crutches, but Keegan, Gray, BD, Aunt Alex, and Cody had a night to remember cheering on the Dallas Stars!

Keegan and Aunt Alex

Gray, Keegan, Big Daddy, Alex, and Cody

BD and Keegan getting ready to ride the Zamboni

The Stars staff was awesome and bent the rules to let Gray ride
with Keegan, considering his anxiety and medical issues.
Somehow, I don't think Gray minded.  ;)

Keegan really did well overall.  

A little overwhelmed but staying calm

Waving to his adoring fans!

At the end of the night, the Stars beat San Jose to win a playoff spot.  We know it was Keegan's presence that spurred them on!  Thanks again, Aunt Alex, for a night Keegan will always remember.

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Kelley Loredo said...

Wow - that is so awesome!