Monday, March 11, 2013

The tooth

Keegan lost his first baby tooth tonight.  Not exactly the joyous childhood milestone most children have.  He was completely and utterly devastated.  "I NEEEED my toof!!!  Put it BAAAACCKKK!!" Of course, Audrey was her sweet, comforting little self during his meltdown.  "It's ok, Bubby.  The toof fairy brings you coins for you piggy bank!  You want a booboo bandaid, Bubby?  Mama, he needs a Cars booboo to feel better.  Cars is his favorite."

Mention of the tooth fairy and the mere presence of the "pillow pirate" (a plush pirate that holds the teeth in his treasure chest) served only to heighten his distress.  Not to mention the fact that I had to hold pressure on it to stop the bleeding (steroids cause clotting problems).  We knew he would not like it when the darn thing finally fell out, but this was a meltdown of epic proportions.  Dare I say, it was worse than the night he realized the pacifiers were gone for, not quite.  I am very glad though that we took the pacis before the tooth came out.  He would have been up all night distraught that he couldn't suck on it because of the hole!  Not to say he won't be up all night distraught anyway. The worst part about the tooth is that it will be a constant aggravation until it grows back in.  Yippee.

Speaking of the pacifier disappearance, that has gone slightly better than we anticipated.  Audrey doesn't even make mention of it at all.  She is having some slight problems going down for her nap but that's about it.  Keegan still asks every night.  He no longer gets upset though when we tell him they're gone.  He is having some difficulty with waking up early in the morning though.  Very fun.  Of course, the great test will be the first inpatient stay.  However, we couldn't be happier with how it has gone so far.

Frosting face from her cookie celebrating sleeping through the night the first night post-paci!

New do!

We also had to increase Keegan's TPN to three nights per week.  It's not a big change, but it certainly feels like a step back.  Oh, and I'm going to start doing some legal work from home again.  So lots of changes in the Harrison house these days.  Mama's ready for some changes that involve more sleep for us all, but I suppose that will have to wait.  Hey, at least we are home.  I will take that any day...sleep or no sleep!

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MisMisWilson said...

Love the new hair do. Praying for Keegan.