Sunday, March 24, 2013

Firefly 5K

Our first K's for Keegan is in the books!  Despite some crummy weather and our plans not coming together as we hoped, we had a really fun time at the Firefly 5K last night.  
Kristin and Tanner getting ready to race.

Starting to light up the night

Our little K's for Keegan team

Logan's glowing!

Todd, Marci, and Gray

Logan, Tanner, and Kristin

The weather turned cold and rained most of the day.  We made a last minute decision to leave the kids at home, which I think was a good one.  Our tshirts didn't come in time, and we had a much smaller team than I had pictured.  However, the seven of us had a wonderful time.  The race atmosphere was really fun, and it was a successful fundraiser for Children's.  Last week, Gray and I were asked to be the patient-family representatives for the race, and we were privileged to judge the fun costume contest after the race.  

I had a horrible race and felt terrible, but I still managed to take 3rd in my age group.  That's probably the last night race that I actually try to race, rather than just run for fun.  I wasn't prepared, and let's be honest, I'm usually half-asleep on the couch by that time of night!  My legs felt like lead, but my ankle felt much better than I anticipated.  I'm praying it stays that way because I'm ready to feel good again.  This was my fourth race of the "13 in 2013".  Only 9 more to go!  It's been a very rocky start to the year for me as far as racing goes.  Not unlike how some times for Keegan are much rockier than we hope they ever would be.  So fingers crossed that, just like Keegan, this is the start of a much better time for me.

Our biggest thanks go out to our friends who came out to support us and spend the cold, drizzly evening with us: Marci, Todd, Kristin, Logan, and Tanner.  We honestly cannot say thank you enough.  We are trying to find out when we can do it again this year!  

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