Friday, March 15, 2013

Because I'm tired...

this is the best post you're gonna get this week.  Sorry, peeps!

Look closely...there's one missing.

Tinkerbell in Mama's shoes

"Isn't I lovely?"

Poor bubby.
Being a good sport and letting her practice her make-up skills.

Nails too.

"See?  You beautiful!"
K's expression is my favorite part of this picture.

Well, that was our exciting Spring Break.  Here's hoping yours was slightly more adventurous!  

Also, it's only one week until the Firefly Run.  If you are still interested in registering, please let me know, although all coupons have now expired.  Since so few signed up, we will postpone a K's for Keegan tshirt group order until later.  We also learned this week that the other run we were planning on fundraising for this year, the Red Balloon Run and Ride, has been rescheduled for next year.  I'm back to rethinking the schedule and will have to come up with another K's for Keegan event.  Make-A-Wish has changed their 5K race to a walk, and unfortunately, I had already registered for a different race for that weekend.  I am running the full Dallas Marathon this year, but maybe we could come up with enough runners to have a relay team too?  I don't know.  I will look at other 5Ks I am personally racing, but there aren't many others that allow for specific fundraising or causes relevant to Keegan's journey.  Thank you as always for your support.  We'll figure it out and will update as soon as possible.

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