Friday, February 1, 2013

Medicine and hope of the future

My dad shared this video with me this morning from NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams, and I was so amped about it that I had to immediately post it here.  The technology is amazing, no doubt, but what really got me excited was the last 30 seconds of the interview.  Yes, the last 30 seconds!  Gray and I have been working with Children's as advocates and advisors towards patient-family centered care since 2008.  Medicine that works with the patient and family, not for or to the patient.

"People need to take ownership.  They need to seize the moment and seize the data.  The new medicine is plugged into you.  It's understanding you, which we have never really done before, and you drive it.  You've got the data, and you've got the information that you never had before.  Wouldn't you like that information?  Most people would.  And wouldn't you like to be helping to call the shots?" - Dr. Eric Topol

The technology Dr. Topol shares here is definitely revolutionary, and it gives me great hope for a more normal future for Keegan.  One that is lived more at home and less in the hospital.  However, the best news is that while we wait on this technology to reach the masses, we, as patients, don't have to wait for this type of reaction and respect from the medical community.  The real-time information sharing and interaction between patients and their doctors is the basis for a trusting relationship.  If more doctors took the approach that Dr. Topol does, we would see more life-changing and life-saving decisions made every day.

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