Saturday, February 9, 2013

CHD Awareness Week - Day 3

Keegan on ECMO at three days old

This picture doesn't require much annotation.  Day three of Keegan's life was spent processing what new world we found ourselves slogging through.  None of us remember much other than just the intense struggle just to keep breathing.  We still had not had the chance to even meet Keegan yet.  What color were his eyes?  What type of personality did he have?  Did he know where he was?  Was he in pain?  Did he know his family was around him?  Would he recognize my voice?  Even know that I was his mother?  We did not know if he would wake up, come home...  Day three was about survival.  Luckily, he did.  And we did.  At least for one more day.

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tbugg815 said...

Sweet baby boy! Thank you for sharing his story, Maddie.