Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CHD Awareness Week - Day 6

Our worst fears became reality on day 6 of Keegan's life.  An echo done prior to an attempted wean of ECMO support showed that a hematoma on the ventrical septal wall of his heart had bled out.  The only way Keegan could survive was if he received a heart transplant.  At his age and size, the odds were nearly insurmountable against him.  I will never forget the feeling of my heart stopping as Dr. G explained it all to us.  She tried to instill as much hope as possible in us, but we could tell she didn't have much to give.  I think today's picture says how we all felt on day six.  The grief was overwhelming.  We were not and could not have prepared for this.  We resolved to surround Keegan with happiness no matter what happened, while we clung to any sliver of hope we could find.

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