Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White and quiet Christmas

After one of the warmest falls and winters in recent years, a cold front swept through the metroplex yesterday, giving us another rare white Christmas in Dallas.  I wish we could have seen it first-hand.  I took Keegan downstairs to watch through the window, but we didn't have a coat on hand to go outside.

Snow at our house this morning before Gray left for the hospital

Luckily, Santa made it to the hospital yesterday morning before the cold front!
The Child Life department at the hospital makes sure every child and sibling inpatient on Christmas Day receives a good amount of toys.  
Opening the stocking Child Life brought when he woke up
That el cheapo train was his favorite toy of the day.
The night shift nurses sift through the donated stockings to put one in each room before the kids wake up.  Ms. Amy picked one that was right on the money for K!

Waiting, waiting for Santa

Ho, ho, ho!

As usual, Keegan was oh-so-thrilled.

"Open it, BD!"

Strolling the baby dolls she received past Keegan's picture on the wall (left).

Walking Mamie and Dr. G, Keegan's transplant surgeon, to the elevator

We spent as much time as we could together on Christmas morning before my parents and sister took Audrey back home for a nap.  They brought us some yummy leftovers from my mom's Christmas Eve dinner to eat for lunch.  Keegan was exhausted after such a busy morning and napped until late afternoon.

After Audrey's nap, Gray picked her up to go to his parents' house for their Christmas dinner.  Keegan and I enjoyed watching the snow come in during the evening at the hospital and were at least able to watch White Christmas on the computer, thanks to Netflix.  Gray and Audrey safely made it through the weather to his parents' house for another round of food, fun, and presents.  Audrey was lucky one, by far - she got both Christmas celebrations with our families all to herself!

Presents at Oma and Pops' house

That's a lot of gifts for one little girl in one day!

Keegan had a good day today, arguably his best attitude and energy since he was admitted.  He was able to play in the playroom for about 20 minutes and managed to make it through the day without a nap.  He is scheduled to go to the OR tomorrow morning for a new central line at 9am.  His peripheral IV blew again this afternoon.  We spent two hours waiting for the IV team to show.  She tried and couldn't get anything.  Then we had to wait for the PICC team to show up.  Two more sticks, and they finally got a line.  Please say a prayer with us that it lasts until tomorrow.  All his IV meds got backed up today while we waited for access, so it will be a busy night here giving them all.  

We will update again tomorrow after the surgery, but we anticipate being able to go home on Friday and administer the remaining 10 days of antibiotics on our own.  Thank you once again for all your prayers.  They were our biggest Christmas blessing.  All in all, our day went very well, and we hope that yours did too.  Merry Christmas, y'all.


Julie said...

Keegan's face is beaming with the train.

Praying for you all tomorrow.

Julie said...

Keegan's face is beaming with the train.

Praying for you all tomorrow.