Thursday, December 13, 2012


I don't have much to offer today, just a few tidbits.

  • I broke our camera lens.  Oops.  Dropped it out of the diaper bag when Audrey and I went to visit my grandfather in the hospital.  So we are a little wanting in pictures so far this December, but we haven't been up to much, as cold and flu season prevents Keegan from getting out.  I have to take it to see if I can have it repaired today though because we definitely will need it for Christmas!
  • Here's the one picture I have on my phone that hasn't been posted yet:

Keegan working on his tricycle in physical therapy. 
He can't quite pedal himself, but he's getting better!

  • There's not much more news on K.  Still waiting on the TBX1 labs.  He has a rheumatology appointment on Monday, so we should know more (hopefully) then.  
  • We ended up raising a total of $1270 for TSRHC in Keegan's honor through the Dallas Marathon, which is simply amazing.  We went out to the race on Sunday morning and caught some of the elite runners coming through the finish.  It was a brutally hot day for December, despite an arctic cold front that came through later in the day.  As spectators though, we were unable to find any fundraising banners on the course.  Bummer.  I saw an orthopedist on Monday and had more imaging done.  Final verdict is that I have severe inflammation of my Achilles and peroneal tendons with possible micro-tears.  High-powered anti-inflammatories, lots of stretching, no running, an air cast, and ice for at least 2 weeks.  I'm hoping to stay in shape with biking in order to run the Herothon half marathon in San Antonio with Gray at the end of January.
  • Audrey is taunting us with the terrible twos.  Not a fan.
  • This Saturday, we are going to attempt breakfast with Santa.  A few prayers that this goes better than the Christmas card session and better than last year's attempt would be appreciated.  
That's about all my feeble brain can spit out at the moment.  I'm trying not to freak out about all the Christmas things I haven't done yet.  Eek!  Back to work!

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Kira Willingham said...

So sorry about your camera lens, boo! We are in SA, what race are y'all running? We have a guest room if you need one.