Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy (a little late) Thanksgiving from the Harrison, Huffman, and Morris homes!

This has been a very, very warm fall in Dallas.
(It's going to be 83 on December 3rd today!)
So, we spent some time playing football and driving the Gator around outside before dinner.

On the run

Why yes, Audrey is wearing socks on her hands.  
Fashion statements start early, I suppose.

"Save me, BD!"

 My little goofball

The obligatory Thanksgiving shot!  We only make the family do it once a year.
Top row: Pops, Granny, Big Daddy, Keegan, Oma, Aunt Alex, cousin Maya
Middle row: Gray, Chum, Audrey, Poppy, uncle Tim
Bottom row: Mamie and me

Thanksgiving is my mom's holiday.  She decorates to the hilt, makes all the food from scratch,
has all the fall fine china, and generally makes it a meal fit for royalty.
This year, though, everyone came to our house, since my grandfather had been hospitalized and renovation construction at my parents' house was still underway.
The food wasn't great, nor was the decor.
But everyone was home and together, and for that, we are grateful.
We hope you also had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Keegan is doing pretty well, but the day wore on him.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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