Saturday, December 29, 2012

Home & ready for Santa

Keegan was discharged home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and Audrey came home today.  We have been very busy trying to work out Keegan's IV med schedule, get unpacked, and get ready to celebrate Christmas at home.  

Tomorrow may be December 30th, a normal Sunday, for you, but at the Harrison house, tomorrow is Christmas!  As Kris Kringle said in Miracle on 34th Street, "Christmas isn't just a day; it's a state of mind!"

We started getting ready for Santa to come by finally making our "Reindeer Food".  Well, Audrey did. Keegan, as expected, did not want to be bothered with it.  To his credit though, he is still not feeling well and spent most of the day resting on the couch.

There's a little poem you can read if you do a quick search online.
Audrey and I read it together as our "recipe" before starting.

To make Reindeer Food, you mix oats and glitter together.

The idea is that you sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve 
(or whenever your family is expecting Santa to come).

The reindeer will be guided to your house by the glitter shining 
bright by Rudolph's nose and have a little snack of oats while
Santa is inside putting out the gifts.

Spreading our Reindeer Food out before bed

 Looks like we're ready for Christmas (again)!

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