Saturday, December 15, 2012

Disney on Ice

For some reason, I thought I posted this already.  Oopsies, as Audrey would say!

At Thanksgiving, Aunt Alex gave some pretty cool presents to the kids.  She won tickets to a Stars game and a Zamboni ride for Keegan through a silent auction benefitting the nonprofit cancer support network where she works.  Unfortunately, the NHL is still on strike.  Keegan has to patiently wait for the strike to end to redeem his gift, but luckily, he doesn't understand that yet.

Audrey's gift was better for immediate to see Disney on Ice!  Audrey had a BLAST.  For a week afterward, she spoke constantly of all the characters that were "spinning on ice".  Aunt Alex bought plenty of souvenirs for her, but the Tinkerbell cup (that is hand-wash only) is the overall winner.  She has to drink from it at dinner every single night.

Popcorn and a frosting-filled cookie.
Aunts love doing that to their nieces before sending them home!

It's Minnie!
She begged for Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald to come back every time they left the ice.
Another highlight was when Snow White came out, since she had on her Snow White dress.
Tinkerbell was probably her second favorite though because she flew around above the ice.

Definitely her favorites
I had never been to Disney on Ice before and was pleasantly surprised.

With her light-up lantern wand from the movie Tangled

Aunt Alex and Audrey with the prized Tinkerbell mug
Thanks for such a fun, girls' night together, Aunt Alex!  It was a treat!

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