Thursday, December 20, 2012

Delayed reaction?

Gray spiked a fever this morning, went to the doctor, and also tested positive for strep.  Now he's on antibiotics too.

Audrey's temperature broke during her afternoon nap, and she should be past the contagious period now after 48 hours on antibiotics.

I'm still hanging tight.  A little post-nasal drip but nothing concerning yet.  *Knocking on wood!!*

Keegan.  Ohhh, Keegan.  We had a deceptively quiet day with Keegan.  He was in a deceivingly good mood.  Terrible coloring.  Low grade temps (99s) to normal temps all day.

Well, at least we had the day.  His temperature started climbing at dinner.  We paged the team again and put him to bed.  The plan for now is to stay home unless he spikes a higher temperature overnight.  Then to the ER we go.  If not, we tack blood cultures and MAS labs to tomorrow's regular labs, but instead of going home, we stay in the clinic until we get thumbs up/down about his labs.

So, here we go again.  Thank you for your prayers for Keegan's safety and healing once more.  We'll keep you updated.

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Julie said...

Praying that Keegan is ok and you get to come home after the labs. Praying the strep stays away from you and Keegan.