Friday, December 21, 2012


Pardon my language, but this is just crap.  

And a whole lot of other words that I can't write on this blog.

Keegan was admitted to the hospital last night after spiking a high fever.  Initial labs didn't look too scary, but we started the blood cultures+48hrs of IV antibiotics just to be safe.  His fever came down this morning, just not his heart rate, so we knew we were in for something bigger.  However, this was nowhere near on our radar after a positive strep test 24 hours before...

Keegan has another line infection.  

I feel like I've been kicked in the gut...and then punched repeatedly.  The doctors continue to tell us that no matter how clean we are, Keegan's immune suppression is so great that he will end up with these infections.  It sure feels like my fault though, as I handle the line most often.  Still, I feel as though we are more strict than when he is inpatient, yet these always happen on our watch.

The team is not playing around this time.  The immune-compromised infectious disease doctors want the line out tomorrow, and evidently, rheumatology, immunology, and transplant all agree with them.  Then we have to have 72 hours of clean cultures before going back to the OR for another line.  Did you do that math?  That means the earliest he could go to the OR is Wednesday, with our earliest discharge being Thursday.  After Christmas.  

We can't argue with them though.  Tonight, Keegan's temperature went from 98.9 to 105.5 in less than an hour and a half.  We switched him back to IV tylenol, but he is still in the 103s.  If it doesn't break soon, we will bring in a cooling blanket.

That's all I can offer tonight.  The odds of a virus plus a bacterial infection plus a flare all occurring at the same time and on Christmas are unheard of, evidently just not to Keegan.  Either I'm going to be hit by lightning or win the lottery with this kind of luck.  

Keegan should go to surgery tomorrow morning, but we don't have a time yet.  We will update when we know more.  We are heartbroken, frustrated, and in shock right now.  Luckily, the kids don't know what day of the week Christmas is, so we will work around that when we're home.  I just want my son to catch a break for once in his little life.  Thank you for lifting us all up in prayer at this time.


Greg said...

So sorry to hear about this. It's just not fair.

Thoughts and prayers for all.


Julie said...

Not fair! Sending you hugs and lots of prayers!