Thursday, December 27, 2012

Audrey funnies

We're sitting here waiting on Keegan to be taken to the OR for his new line.  Guess it won't be a 9am line placement after all.  Ahh, hospital time.  Gotta love it.

Gray and I have been laughing about some of the funny things Audrey has been saying lately, and I wanted to write them down before we forget.  She has the silliest little personality!

  • On Christmas Eve, we used a video conference feature on the computer to say hi to my family and watch them open gifts after dinner.  Audrey had just opened a toy shopping cart with play food that my mom's friend sent to her.  She held up a bottle of ketchup ("dippin' sauce", as BD has named it) to the screen.  She asked Keegan, "you hungry, Bubby?"  He nodded yes, so she held the bottle up to his face on the screen.  "Here ya go!  Better?"
  • Whenever she asks you a question and you give her an answer, she says, "yes, that's right."
  • While video chatting last night, Keegan blew a kiss to Audrey, my parents, and sister.  Audrey turned around and said, "whoa, that was a big one, Bubby!"
  • Audrey was fascinated by the cast, walking boot, and crutches I used while recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.  She thought I had broken my foot (I didn't correct her, since explaining the true injury was over head) and would tell me that I needed to use both crutches if I happened to just be using one.  She also would ask to touch the boot or cast, and then tell me, "there, that's better!"
  • She is big time into taking care of her baby dolls right now.  Baby Stella is one she favors most frequently.  Child Life gave her a set of twin baby dolls, a boy and a girl, on Christmas morning. Those are the ones you see her pushing around the hospital cardiac floor in the pictures below.  She feeds them, straps them in the stroller, puts them to bed, etc.  Often you'll hear her stop strolling, turn to the babies, and ask if they're ok.  One of my favorite interactions with Baby Stella: "ohh, what's wrong, Baby Stella?  You need paci?  Oh, here you go.  You're ok.  Here we go!"  
  • Sometimes Audrey has to discipline her babies though.  Recently, she put Baby Stella in time out.  She sternly looked at her, raised a finger, and said, "you in Time OUT, Baby Stella!"  Gray asked her why, and she said, "she broke her foot."  Alrighty then.
  • Whenever she is going to leave the room you are in to go do something, she'll say what she's going to do, followed by, "ok? be right back!"  Earlier during a video chat, she said she had a present for Keegan.  "But it's upstairs.  I go get it.  Ok?  Be right back." 
  • Other common phrases:  "oh, that's cool!", "it's so tiny", "it's just my size", "this one's perfect", "I do it my own self", and "I knew that."
I'm sure there are many others that I have forgotten.  I'll try to come back and add a few as I remember them.  

So you can see a little of her silliness, here's a little video Aunt Alex sent us yesterday. (Remember, if you're reading from email, you'll need to go to the actual website to view, and I don't believe you can watch on an iPhone or iPad due to lack of a Flash player.)


Aunt Alex said...

Your daughter also needed to go upstairs by herself this morning "to read". She informed Mamie that she would call her when she was ready to come down. Bossy, bossy, Miss A!

Cody said...

Love-Love-Love this post ... what a character Miss A is! And the pictures of Bug so very happy .. awesome!! Sooo sweet ...

So glad to hear that Keegan is doing better & that you are able to go home soon.

Hope your New Year is filled with good health & happiness!