Monday, November 19, 2012

Seacrest Studios opening at CMC

Gray and I were honored to be invited to a very special event at Children's Medical Center last week.  Ryan Seacrest has a nonprofit foundation that built a radio station right in the hospital for use by and for the patients.  It will be broadcast on an internal tv station for the kids' entertainment and as a creative outlet for kids while they are hospitalized.  The station here is the third one his foundation has built, with others in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  Two more are planned in Boston and Cincinnati (I think) soon.  I am very interested to see how this actually works, but I am hopeful it will be loved by the patients and families for years to come.  Pardon my fuzzy phone pictures.  This was the best I could do!

The outside of the studio on the lobby level of the main hospital
I couldn't get close enough for a picture of the inside of the studio.

The outside plaza area where a permanent stage for performances
by patients, staff, and guests will be.
Just above this plaza is the main entrance to the hospital.

Ryan giving an interview for Good Morning, Texas on the red carpet

VP Doug Hock giving the opening statements and introducing Ryan and Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.
She was instrumental in bringing this studio to Children's, as Dallas is her hometown.

Ryan, his family, Selena, Doug, and 14 year old patient, Maddie, cutting the ribbon

After the event, I was finally able to drop off the wagon and toys we collected for the toy closet on the cardiac floor in honor of Keegan's birthday.  I mentioned (two whole months ago, eek!) that the toy closet, where patients can "check out" toys to borrow during their stay, was getting pretty pitiful.  Hopefully, this will bring some smiles to everyone, including Keegan, and that it will keep the closet stocked for awhile.  Thank you again to everyone who helped make this possible.

And I promise a substantive update will be forthcoming...still waiting on some more info from the team frist.  Thanks for your patience and continued prayers for our Bug.  We are so grateful to be heading into Thanksgiving week at home!

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