Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brief intermission

Well, I wanted to share some Thanksgiving photos with you.  We did thankfully enjoy the holiday at home together as a family.  However, I'm trying to figure out some new photo storage error that Blogger is feeding me.  Dang it.  SO, while I try to recruit some people more technologically advanced than myself to help me figure it out, please bear with a brief intermission in the blog.  It appears Google (that owns Blogger) wants to charge me to upload more photos and maintain the blog.  Considering our financial situation at this time, that will not be an option for us.  I hope and pray that will not be the case.  I hope to be back to updating and sharing Keegan's journey with you soon!  Fingers crossed.  And if any other Blogger users have figured this out, I would love some help!  Thanks.

Stay tuned!


rudi48 said...

Blogger charges me too for my blog, but it is CHEAP - just $5 per year. Check in to it before you panic. jm
Judy Malkiewicz, Mackay, Idaho

Anonymous said...

They changed their policy and it is now more like $2.50 a month for storage. BUT. I use picmonkey.com (free, no registration and in general just a fun editing site) to re-size my pictures. I just save the picture with the pix for the longest side at 2048 then upload that version. It's an extra step, but it works. If you're not part of Google+, you have to make the pix 800 (I believe). Pictures that size and under are free and don't take up any extra space. Blogger is supposed to re-size them automatically so I'm hoping they're working on that error message...? But in the mean time, this works.

Ali said...

Hi Maddy. I went to Ursuline and was a year ahead of you. Friends with Haley Maher and Marisa Bongiovannia and my little Brother was actually your MOm's student at ST Mark's. I have followed your blog for some time now and always keep Keegan and the family in my prayers. I recently had the same storgage issue come up with my blog and found a way around it...I added myself as an additional authorized administrator using a different email address. I now post with that email address and it gave me a whole new storage account on picasa! I feel like I am cheating their system but I didn't want to pay. Just go into your settings to add the new email address. Hope that helps!

Ali (Gidel) Lord