Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some smiles

Just so I can avoid a post with actual content for a few more days, here are a few smiles for ya.

Keegan has been working on writing some letters as part of his behavioral therapy.
Attention to task and taking direction are really difficult for him, so these four letters are beyond amazing!
The circled ones he wrote on his own with direction from his therapist.
I think I'm going to have to frame it.

 And lest the post get too serious...
Where did this goofball come from?

She was helping me clean up the backyard during Keegan's school session.
First her shoes came off when they got muddy.
Then she saw the mud on her dress, and it went too.
She was wearing gardening gloves, running in circles singing, "I got glubs!"

Speaking of running, Audrey has taken to telling us that she is going to be a runner
"like Mommy but faster with a phone in my pocket."
Looks like she has some good form so far!

Goofy, gorgeous girl.
Even with a busted lip where Bubby hit her with a play baseball bat.  Sheesh.

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Becky Cudlipp said...

Yay Keegan!! And Audrey is just too stinkin' cute! Love that age!