Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When Keegan was two years old, my parents had his picture taken by a portrait photographer.  Since we loved it so much, they did the same for Audrey.  We just picked up Audrey's portrait this weekend.  My dad's friend and business partner, Dr. Vergne, and his wife, Olga, presented Audrey with this beautiful dress when she was born.  It was handmade for her in their home town in Puerto Rico, and it could not have fit her more perfectly.  There is a gorgeous matching linen blanket, but a certain little girl developed an attitude by the time we tried to incorporate it into the picture.

Can you believe this? 
She looks more like a porcelain doll than a real girl!

Here is Keegan's.  He looked so much healthier then.
I love looking at his smile.  Such a classic one that we don't often seen from him in photos.

We are so grateful for these amazing portraits of our babies.  They will be treasured by our family for generations, I am sure.


Julie said...

So beautiful!

John Smith said...

So cool! I like it!! Nice redactionrvesom

Daniel bird said...
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