Sunday, October 14, 2012


It seems I'm slacking a little in the blog updates again, but to be honest, it's been a pretty crazy, hectic week.  Due to some missed sessions from doctor's appointments and therapist's conflicts, we have had to schedule make-up ABA sessions almost every day of the week.  He is making some amazing progress that I can't wait to post about soon.  Until then, I have a few phone pictures from last month to share.  Keegan is still limping, so we are anticipating an MRI sometime this week.  However, his labs were starting to get back to his own version of normal by the end of the week, which is very reassuring.

I will update more soon.  Another busy week awaits us!  Hopefully these will bring a smile to the start of your week.

TPN still running on a Saturday morning

Dress up time!
Minnie goes to Mexico

Sir Keegan, the cowboy knight

Sic'em Bears!

A trip to the shoe store for back-to-school sneakers

Lainey, Audrey, and Walker going into school one morning

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