Monday, September 17, 2012

Keegan's Clubhouse

On Saturday, we celebrated Keegan's fifth birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed party at our house.  Keegan loves many cartoon characters, but few can hold a candle to Mickey these days, particularly classic Mickey and Donald.  Of course, we originally planned this theme back when we thought a Make-A-Wish trip to Walt Disney World would have been the highlight of his year so far.  Since Keegan was in the hospital in Boston for his last birthday and had no party, we tried to make it extra special this year.  We took a chance and let Keegan party without his mask.  All of our neighborhood friends and family are great about being careful of Keegan's exposure anyway.  Keegan did fairly well with the commotion.  He was slightly overwhelmed by the singing when we cut the cake but managed to hold on.  We were so happy that he was playing around other kids and enjoying himself.

Even though our yard is itsy bitsy, I think the kids had a great time!  I believe the pinata was the hit of the party.  Mamie really had a great idea with that one!  The other highlight was definitely the simply amazing cake.  My friend, Stephanie, had it made just for the occasion, and I could not have imagined anything more perfect!  It was created by Michelle Klaassens, if you are interested in her work.  It was as yummy as it looked too!

As usual, we asked for donations for Children's in lieu of gifts.  This year, we collected toys to restock the toy closet on C8.  The closet contains toys that stay on the floor, so that children can have a variety of things to "check out" if they don't have toys from home.  It's shelves have been dwindling over the last few years, but recently, it's been absolutely pitiful.  We collected quite a few items.  If anyone is interested in contributing, just email or call me.

Overall, Keegan had a good birthday week, and it will continue this week with his 5th heart transplant anniversary.  But that's a post for another time.  Now, on to the party pics!  (If you are viewing this in email format, please go to the website to view.  The video also will not play on an Apple phone.)

Thank you to everyone, especially my mom, who helped make this party one to remember.  This party helped us celebrate 5 blessed years with a little boy who has fought hard to make each one count.  It was worth it all!

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Jennifer said...

Loved the pictures! I especially love the one of Keegan going down the slide. He is so handsome!! :) Glad you all had such a wonderful celebration. You deserve it!!