Saturday, September 8, 2012

Audrey's First Day School 2012

Audrey's first day of "school" was last Wednesday.  She is going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this year to the same school at Christ United where she went last year.  Her first two days were great!  She woke up Wednesday saying, "I go to skool!"  So excited to go play with her new teachers, Ms. Laura and Ms. Teresa.  On Fridays, she has her teacher from last year, Ms. Heather, and one of Keegan's teachers (from the few weeks he actually got to go), Ms. Suzanne.  Our neighbor, Walker, is in the older 2s, but they get to be together on Friday.

Posing before school

Just like last year, very excited to find "school angel" in her bag.

Getting really excited now!

"Look, it's baby Aud-ee!"
Holding her picture from the first day of school last year.

"I walk.  I big gul."

Ready to get started.
"Hi, Miss Wawa" (Ms. Laura)

Right to the sand table with Ms. Teresa

A great first day of school with Ainsley, Lainey, Walker, and Gage.
Only one missing is Keegan.

Glad to be friends and neighbors with these kiddos!

Audrey's accounting of her first day of school...

Me: Audrey, did you have a good day at school today?
A:  Yes!
M:  What was your favorite part?
A:  Teachas (teachers)
M:  Who are your teachers?
A:  Miss Wawa and Miss Teesa
M:  Did you paint or color?
A:  Paint
M:  Did you play outside?
A:  Yes, I swide  (slide)
M:  Did you sing songs?
A:  Whees on bus!  (Wheels on the bus)
M:  Do you want to go back again?
A:  Yes, I go to Audee's skool!!

I sure hope next week is just as good!!  Have fun, and learn a lot this year, Ladybug.  We can't wait to see how you will grow and succeed over the coming months.  
*Updated to add:  I also asked Audrey what she had for a snack at school, since the first two days were half-days with no lunch, only a school-provided snack.  She replied, "cookies", which I highly doubt is true.  She was quite emphatic, though, and told me they were "her favorite."  Alrighty then.  Also, I just wanted to point out that Audrey is wearing a dress that was either Alex's or my back-to-school dresses for preschool.  Thirty years of tradition in one little dress.


Julie said...

Such a precious little girl. Glad she likes school. Praying for you all.

Kelley Loredo said...

awe - she is so precious! Glad we saw you all the first week - I never know if I will see anyone since I am always LATE! Love the pics - gonna swipe them from you! We missed you, Keegan!!! See you soon!

Aunt Alex said...

She's definitely her Mama's girl! Her aunt never liked school this much. :)