Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 years

Is it even possible?  

Keegan is 5 YEARS OLD today!

There was a day I questioned whether this day would ever happen.  We are utterly without words to express the vast expanse of feelings we have experienced today.  You are our true miracle, Keegan.  We love you so much more than you could possibly know.  Thank you for blessing us with the last five years.  We wouldn't trade a second.  Not a second.

Happy birthday, Bug!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday Keagan!

Aunt Alex said...

Not even when you put bean bags in my wine glass, and that's saying a lot! :)

Mamie said...

Five years ago, I met my new grandson as you were being put in an ambulance to be transferred to CMC not knowing how you would survive. When I saw that face, I said, "He's cute as a bug"! And so it was that you would be dubbed "Bug" even 5 years later! Words can't convey how much we love you! Happy 5th birthday, my little Bug! Keep fighting the good fight and as your B.D. has told you many times since you were born, "Never, never give up"!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet boy!!!


Jennifer said...

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday!! Happy Happy Birthday Keegan!! I love the smile on his face in this picture!!

scrippe1 said...

Happy Birthday precious Bug! Although we don't get to see you very often, please know, we are always with you, in our thoughts, in our prayers and in our praise of every milestone you pass. You are a very, very special person, with a very, very special purpose. God has personally kissed you on the forehead and has big plans for you! We love you very much,
Aunt, Stef