Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend update

Today was better than yesterday, and for that, we are grateful.  Keegan walked twice and went to the play room for 45 minutes.  Much better than yesterday's 10 minutes.  He is more even-keiled today also.  I'm sure it helps that his heart rate finally came back into his normal range this morning.  Keegan's antibiotic levels have been within target range the last two draws.  The first dressing change on the line went well yesterday, and it appears to have stopped bleeding.  Our goal was to finish the round of IV antibiotics once we were confident that we had a therapeutic level of drugs on board.

However, his labs started inching in a head-scratching, nerve-raising direction this morning.  We were hoping it was maybe a fluke, but then my mom called this afternoon to say Audrey had spiked a fever.  So, once again, we ask for prayers of protection for Keegan and that Audrey finds comfort, being sick once again without her Mama and Daddy around.  We will repeat labs in the morning and a chest x-ray.  If things seem to be returning to normal, then we will aim for home tomorrow evening, while Audrey stays with my parents until the fever has passed.

Overall, we are very grateful for a rather quiet weekend for Keegan.  Thank you, as always, for supporting our family and praying with us through these trials.  It means everything to us.

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LaFayne said...

As always, we are praying for y'all. Hope Audrey gets well soon too.