Friday, August 10, 2012

New line in

Keegan made it through day 3 of anesthesia and has a new central line to show for it.  His surgeon said this was the smoothest line placement he has done on Keegan.  Unfortunately, the team felt very strongly that Keegan should not have another port put in due to his current wound-healing issues.  The surgeon and doctors were concerned that the incision above the port would not heal properly and that the port could literally come right out of the wound.  That would require another surgery to stitch him up and place yet another line, as well as pose a huge risk of infection.  We discussed it at length, and we agreed that a broviac was the safer choice right now.  This is an embedded central IV where the cannula tunnels directly out of his chest.  He has not had a broviac since he was a baby.  Unfortunately, this means the end of swimming for Keegan this summer, as the dressing cannot get wet.

Today was very difficult for Keegan emotionally, but we are hoping for better days to come as he gets a break from the anesthesia and peripheral IVs and draws.  His steroid pulse is over tomorrow.  If he stays stable and can reach our goal level of antibiotics, we will be able to go home early next week to finish the round of antibiotics there.

A smile to end this post?  After being covered repeatedly in surgical scrub the last several days, it was time to get cleaned up.

Much better!

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