Monday, August 13, 2012

Looks like...

Keegan's home.

Our schedule for tonight:
10:45pm - Start TPN
11pm - Go to sleep
1am - Give IV benadryl and start IV antibiotics; change diaper
1:20am (if I'm lucky) - Go back to sleep
3am - Stop antibiotics; flush and lock line with heparin; check diaper again.
3:20am - Maybe go back to sleep
5:30am - Gray's alarm goes off
6am - Hopefully drag myself back out of bed to run
8am - Keegan (please, please, please) wakes up
8:45am - Stop and flush TPN
9am - Give IV benadryl; start antibiotics....etc....etc....etc....

So looks like for the next week or more I will not get more than 2 hours of sleep in one stretch.

Let me contain my enthusiasm.

Sometimes....maybe,just's not so much of a relief to be home, rather than inpatient.

Certainly helps so much that waiting for us at home was:
- More insult from drought/heat to our already cracked foundation so that Keegan's bedroom door now will not close;
- Statements from United Healthcare that our $12,000 deductible (yes, you read that correctly) that had previously been met as of April was now miraculously UN-met.  Not even not met but rather at a big fat whopping $0.  Along with a bill for an insulting amount from my GI doctor.

Welcome home, Harrisons.

Welcome *sigh* home.

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Cody said...

Wow...doesn't sound very restful. Thinking of you