Thursday, June 28, 2012

Update coming

I intended to write a detailed update tonight about my recovery from surgery and Keegan's report from transplant clinic today.  But unfortunately, we came home from the hospital with Keegan this afternoon to find Audrey throwing up with a low-grade fever and feeling pretty puny.  Needless to say the little bit of remaining afternoon was not spent the way we intended.  I will get an update out soon, but tonight, this is all I can get out.  Audrey will stay overnight with my parents to try to keep her separated from Keegan.  We don't need him contracting a virus that causes his MAS to flare, and frankly, a stomach bug would not be good for my recovery right now.  So, I ask for a few prayers, if you don't mind, for Audrey's recovery and Keegan and my safety at this time.  Thank you so much.

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