Monday, June 4, 2012

Audrey's 2nd Birthday Party

Our little Miss Sunshine is turning 2 on Wednesday!  Last Saturday, we celebrated sweet Audrey with a "You are My Sunshine" themed swim party at my parents' house.  I think everyone had a great time, especially the little Ladybug.  She never has a hard time being the center of attention!  ;)

It was such a blessing to have our whole family there and feeling well.  If you remember last year, Keegan was pretty much discharged from the hospital just for Audrey's party, felt horrible during it, and was readmitted later that night.  The length of the day wore on him after awhile this year, but he really did great during it all despite the commotion.  We had such fun with our friends Noah, Brady, and Carter!  We wish the Harrises, Loredos, and Millers had been able to join us.  A HUGE thank you once again to Mamie, who as usual did a simply amazing job decorating, planning, and hosting such a perfect party for our little Sunshine!


Cody said...

Maddie - Thank you so much for the update & the birthday video. Loved it! So happy to get to see her opening presents,swimming & blowing out the candle. She really seemed to enjoy every aspect of her celebration.
Your Mom did another fabulous job of hosting ... the decorations, pinwheels, and cookies ... too cute! I did miss that Bug was back in the hospital?? Did he need a transfusion? Please update his condition when you have an opportunity. Thank you for sharing! Love - Cody

Martha said...

No hospital this year, Cody. That was last year.