Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Keegan's port is accessed seven days a week for his daily IV medications and TPN.  On Sundays, we take the needle out after his morning meds, and he gets a break until bedtime.  We had a wonderful day swimming yesterday while he was deaccessed.  Keegan and Audrey swam like little fish.  After bathtime though, it was time to reaccess Keegan's port with a new needle.

I usually get the needle in on the first try.  Gray and my dad help Keegan hold still while I do a sterile dressing change.  Usually it is very quick, and Audrey sits in the corner of Keegan's room playing.  She's pretty used to the whole routine, as is Keegan, and it doesn't bother either of them too much.

Last night, I didn't get the port the first time.  I had to change gloves and hold pressure over his port for a bit before I could try again.  That really upset Keegan, which in turn really upset Audrey.  She has gotten too old and too smart to watch Keegan go through these trials week after week.  She loves him too much to see him upset or in pain.  

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.  Both my beautiful children are so brave and strong, but it is wearing on them.  That is something that I can't stand for very long.  There is a limit to what this family can endure, and I fear we are approaching it quickly.  

Thank God these two love each other so because He knows how much I love them.

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Anonymous said...

It is because you do all this as a family, that's what makes you strong. You change the lives of everyone around you and their hearts. You have a wonderful family. You make a difference.