Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Keegan had a pretty quiet weekend in the hospital.  He had visits from Jenni and Mindy (his friend from the ICU, Tucker's mom) on Friday, one from Mamie, BD, Audrey, Alex, Chum, Poppy, and Pops on Saturday, and one from our friend Stephanie and baby Alexandra today.  (Kicking myself repeatedly for not getting any pictures during those visits!!)  He's slightly popular these days.  ;)

We did our best to keep him busy when he felt well and maintain a pretty normal schedule.  In between, there was a lot of medications, TPN, IV drips, lab draws, and vitals.  Keegan seems to be feeling pretty good most of the day, but he certainly has his moments where he slows down.  It sure makes Gray and I nervous that he's not showing us everything that's going on in his little body.  Only time will tell on that one.  I also broke out in another lovely case of stress-related hives.  Just to make our weekend a bit more interesting, I suppose.  Sigh.  We are still hoping that Keegan will be discharged late Wednesday afternoon if all continues to go according to plan.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days to make up for the brevity of this post.

Keegan has played in this little house in the playroom since he could sit up on his own.
It makes me smile that he is still so attached to it.
Here he says he is "building a birdie house" (from a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode).

Legos during a not-feeling-so-hot time.

In addition to Lego and marble towers, we've been blowing lots of bubbles and playing lots of Mr. Potato Head.

This was a highlight of today.
Daddy brought Keegan's kite up to the roof of the parking garage.

Sometimes you just gotta get a little creative when you're stuck inpatient!

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Martha said...

Love it that you got to fly your kite, Keegan! what a fun afternoon with Daddy! B.D., Mamie, and Audrey love you....sending fishy kisses your way!